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Look Inside The World Of Jabbawockeez's PRiSM

May 17, 2013 at 7:40 PM | by | ()

Oh, that minty fresh new theater smell. The Jabbawockeez dance crew have unveiled their new Luxor theater and theatrical concept, PRiSM. So new, it was the first time they had performed in their revamped costumes and so new that the paint wasn't dry on a mural by "Performance Painter" David Garibaldi. He finished it off in front of local media.

We'll have a review of this new show following their official opening on May 31. We are promised it is very different from their Monte Carlo production. But, for now, here is an early peek at what Luxor has helped create for their new residents.

Next to a new bar on the atrium level that anyone can walk up and utilize is a super-sized version of the dance team's trademark mask. Performer Kevin Brewer, "KB," explained that, since their inception, they were happy to remain anonymous and communicate to the audience through movement. There will be no talking by any of the Jabbawockeez on this new stage, but there will be a greater focus on crowd participation and audience interaction.

The WockShop speaks for itself. You can see the new multi-colored outfits of the Jabbawockeez team.

The PRiSM concept was inspired by thinking about the Luxor pyramid and its projecting beam hitting a prism and refracting into seven colors. That theme will be applied to the lighting cues and costume changes throughout the show.

The theater seats 850. Every seat should make you feel close to the stage. And, they are comfortable seats. They smell brand new, too.

Because the stage and theater was built inside the former "Motion Ride Theater" space, there is no room to "fly" things onto the set. So, you'll see much video screen work to create a much bigger environment. But, everything has been custom built just for this show.

The production has taken elements from anime, comic books, literature and music videos and "Jabba-fied" them. The look is all about contrasts of color. And, PRiSM is an acronym for Painting Reality in a Spectrum of Movement. So, now you know.

Painter and fellow dancer David Garibaldi finished off his tribute mural created inside the small lobby. He's known the team since their early days in Sacramento. And, there was an evident sense of total group commitment on display during our preview. Plus a huge charge of enthusiasm for the new show. If you can't wait, previews begin May 18th.

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