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Coco Thinks Bottle Service At Hakkasan Is 'Disgusting'

May 20, 2013 at 12:23 PM | by | ()

Coco calls bull on Hakkasan.

Bottle service at Vegas clubs is often not for the faint of heart wallet, but reality TV star and Peepshow headliner Coco was even caught off guard by pricing at the newly opened Hakkasan at MGM Grand.

She Facebooked a photo of Hakkasan's premium beverage menu over the weekend with these remarks:

This is seriously disgusting! U won't believe me when u see these prices 4 drinks. Thats why I had 2 take a pic. Its a super menu 4 VIP ballers

The post garnered more than 200 comments and dozens of shares with most in agreement with her, tossing out words like "crazy," "ridiculous," and "outrageous" after seeing pricing ranging from $12,000 to $500,000. Of course, as one Coco fan wrote, "that's Vegas for you."

What's your take? Sound off in the comments below.

(PHOTO: Coco on Facebook, Coco on WhoSay)

Archived Comments:


this is what a menu would have looked like in Rome, right before it burned

Do I get Player points?

or is there a discount for a 6 pack?

Well they warned you with the title of "premium"....

Wonder if even Jerry Jones would pay those prices?

Guess some folks hate their money...


I love splurging in Vegas, but the trend over the last few years of just complete excess and waste is saddening. Vegas was at it's best when there was a choice of luxury, cheap, adult and family friendly options. Now everything is becoming expensive beyond logic and really just trashy.  There is always a boom and bust and if all the resorts and clubs go high end, when moods and wallets shift they will be sunk. The SLS, Delano, and Gansevort will learn this the hard way.  


Who (cares) is Coco again???? Seems like a good way to keep out the riff-raff to me! Who is crazy and ridiculous.. the one who asks for it or the one who pays it, and someone will.

I agree with the other poster...

Vegas was best when it had the old-school places like Frontier, Sahara, and Stardust right along with the Wynn, Encore, and Venetian.  Now it is all 'high end luxury.'  Too bad all those tourist from anytown USA don't have money for $50 table mins.  Thank goodness there is downtown and places like Gold Cost, South Point, Orleans.


Pure crazy prices. I can't even see a High Roller spending half a million Dollars on one round of drinks!

Talk about money to burn, lol!

I thought the $300K minimum bankroll at Bellagio's private gaming room was amazing.  Now this?  $500K for some booze?  At least with the hefty bankroll, you might get to enjoy yourself at the table(s) for a few hours.  Is anybody actually eager enough to show off that they'll order the $500K selection?  

VC did bring us a photo of a receipt showing a 6-figure bar tab, so apparently there are people out there who can and will spend that on drinks.  A bottle of "two-buck chuck" will yield the same effect. ;)  

BTW, I'm trying to read the fine print at the bottom, but I can't get the large version of the photo to load properly.  Could somebody else try clicking over to her site and see if you can bring up the photo?  I'm wondering if a 20% gratuity is added on, lol!

I enlarged it

you said:
" I'm wondering if a 20% gratuity is added on, lol!"

It was still a real blurry but I think it said..

10% sales tax
10% gratuity
4% ? for something

will be added...:)

How sad

I always think about how much money is being wasted in Vegas and how there are so many homeless people with nothing.

You know...

Those disgusting prices help pay for Coco to appear at other AGM clubs. Maybe that won't happen anymore.

"Monitary penush"

What I see shocking about this menu is the prices for the lack of creativity. Right or wrong is a moral judgment. If as an operator you are not prepared for a guest ready to part with this kind of money your a fool because that money will be spent next door or down the street at a competitors.  


It's all about feeding egos.... Resorts are taking the "bigger and better" competition into the clubs and it works. While I am sure that there are some people that might buy this, I am certain that the clubs are simply trying to outdo each other and bank on viral marketing (like this). Their ultimate goal isn't to get one person to buy the $500k package, it is to get 500k people to drop a modest amount "in whatever club it is that has the $500k bottle service." Just going there will increase brag points by at least 1 point. IMO.

At what point are does Premium = You're stupid...

I get that there are the have nots (me) and the Haves (insert ultra rich person here)   But I ask the question - at what point does the dollar value of Premium pass right into absurdity?

I mean - yes, I think that there is a direct correlation between paying $$ and getting what you pay for, but at some point it reaches saturation - which will include not only paying for the product - but the service and boot licking that comes with........ after that -   it's not premium any longer and just someone being stupid.   No really.  1/2 million dollars for liquid? Please....... it doesn't get you any drunker than anything else will.  Nobody could justify the 1/2 million for drinks when there are so many people that go each day with out the most basic of necessities.