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Winning Streak Poker Is A Nice Change Of Pace

May 22, 2013 at 3:56 PM | by | ()

We tend to stick with the basic video poker games that have been around for a while, but every now and again something new hits the floor that peaks our interest. That recently happened when we finally decided to give Winning Streak Poker by WMS Gaming a shot. It has all the bright lights we love in a slot machine with the basics of playing video poker and looks like a nice compromise.

One of the best things about video poker is its simplicity. Traditional video poker games are one line where you'll use a little strategy to get the best hand. Multi-line games are similar as you're dealing with moves based on cards for one hand. Multiplier machines take the basic games and add random multipliers to the hand(s). Winning Streak Poker takes the basic game and amps it up a notch.

Winning Streak Poker takes one hand of video poker and bumps it into multipliers depending on how many hands you can win in a row (hence the name Winning Streak). The first/current winning hand doesn't receive a multiplier, but each time you win, the previous hand moves up to a multiplier that begins with 2x and goes as high as 10x. So, a high pair that would normally pay out five credits can pay out 50 credits if you win four hands in a row.

Even though there is a lot happening on the screen, the basics of the games are fairly simple but fun. Things with Winning Streak Poker get a little crazy when you dig deep into WMS' MyPoker feature. MyPoker allows you to customize everything in the game, from the speed the cards are dealt to the type of cards you play with and even the brightness of the screen. You can also play at home on WMS Players Life.

Winning Streak is really fun to play, but the downfall of the game is that you have to pay to play every hand on the screen. So, you're not just paying five credits per game, you're paying 25 credits for the potential action of a winning streak. When trying out the game, we played nickels just to see what it was all about and that's probably about as much as this writer would spend on a game with mediocre payouts and this kind of requirement. That said, Winning Streak is fun and will remain in our 'change of pace' pile of games.

Winning Streak is still relatively new. The folks at WMS Gaming say that it's only available at Venetian, Palazzo and all of the Station Casinos.

Archived Comments:

Winning Streak at Harrahs Philadelphia

I found these at Harrahs in Philly the last time I was there...unfortunately they are 25 cent machines, so max bet I would not play...I played the lowest bet which is 5 coins, still $1.25...I have an issue spending $6.25 a pull on video poker, because my bankroll won't let me and I tend to play fast.  It's a neat game, luckily I hit quad Queens on the first hand and managed to win the next 3 hands to get that 4 of a kind up to the 10X...so I got 500 quarters for it...yeah if I played it full it would have had 2500 quarters, but not gonna do that...it was fun, but I see this like Multi-Strike without the free hand.  If they had these in nickel machines, I would be more inclined to play it full.  Definitely fun...but not for long periods of time as it would suck all the money out of ya. :)