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Are The Scintas Yet Ready For Prime Time?

May 23, 2013 at 5:40 PM | by | Comments (3)

Welcome to the cruise ship D. With an overhauled new look, the D Hotel goes old style with the return of former Vegas showroom regulars The Scintas in a decidedly, and admittedly, un-modern production.

Noted for their residency in Detroit at Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian restaurant and showroom (this chain is also now at the D), The Scintas are dinner theater showbiz. Or, a cruise ship act. Two brothers, a live band and, currently, a guest female singer. Professionally and sonically, the band is tight and taut. The act has clearly performed thousands of times and still endeavor to mix it up. But, this is not a show ever truly destined for the Strip. Or, ever was. Off Strip or Downtown is where it belongs.

The name is pronounced Shintas, by the way. We didn't know that. There are lots and lots and lots of Italian footnotes. They mention being Sicilian more times than Terry Fator mentions he's married. It didn't quite make it to mama's meatballs and gravy territory, but danced around the whole mafia, de Niro, old country tropes so often you'll get dizzy. And, if you aren't Italian, tired. And, it's all about back in the day. All about. Rotary phones, no computers, a home you love more than anything on earth. Apart from actually living there or working there, apparently. See also Jersey Boys.

The nostalgia thing is key. But, it is slightly warped. They want to be nostalgic for the Rat Pack. It's a Dino, Sammy, Frank shout-out fest. They do a Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin bit. In reality, it's about 70s nostalgia for the band. Chicago, Billy Joel and Joe Cocker. Yes, your laughs at the Cocker impression will be wholly dependent on your knowing that singer and his mannerisms. Or, more accurately, John Belushi's seventies SNL impression of him. It's second-hand nostalgia without any depth. Ok with that? You'll have fun.

Frankie can do impressions. And, he is a genuine multi-musical-talent. Lou Rawls, Tom Jones. They get the job done. Brother Joe doing Mick Jagger and Neil Diamond? Not so much.

Singer Janien Valentine replaces health-sidelined Scinta sister, Chrissi. There's a lot of mimed thumb wagging, get-a-loada-this-dame stuff on stage. We guess if the sister were on stage, there would be hands on hip, head-shaking, whatcha-gonna-do-with-these-brothers? stuff in the other direction. We guess. It felt that kind of show. Nothing on stage steered us in another direction. The Scintas are not high-brow. It is predictable. And safe, but done by professionals. And, it's not old school. But, old style. Old school wasn't a carbon copy, of a carbon copy. This is. Just done well.

There is no set. Costume changes are the only added production values. The showroom is low. Lots of jokes about that. The Scintas are not tall. Seats are banquet chairs cover by black sheets. But, the A/C still chilled the space filled with media types and friends. Shout-outs to other lounge acts. And, media. Support for this show is very clubby, inside and based on back-slappy old acquaintanceships. Be warned when reading other reviews. And, we always encourage you to research further when spending your valuable dollars in Vegas.

Should you pay top dollar to see this? The Scintas can sell-out 1,000-seat Detroit venues. That seems surprising. If you are from the area, crave watching Detroit sports, eating Detroit hot dogs, going to a Detroit steakhouse, then maybe this is the show you'll always watch here.

We think this should not retail above $19.95. Tickets start at $43.95 including tax. That's too much. They head up to to $99.95 when you want to add a dinner at Andiamo's. Like we said, it is dinner theater. On Fremont and want a good show? See Gordie Brown. Comped for the Scintas or can get a cheap ticket? You could certainly enjoy it. Just check if you fit the I remember the 70s fondly demographic. The D has completed another phase of its overhaul. Two steps forward, one step back.

Comments (3)

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First timer....

Just saw the show for the first time two weeks ago, and have to agree 100 percent with this review.  Absolutely nothing wrong with it, yet I felt silly paying $40.00.  Enjoyed myself, but probably wouldn't go back at that price.  BTW, when I saw it, they had Ashlee Amoia as the fill-in singer.  She was absolutely beautiful and very good.

From Detroit....never heard of them...

I've lived in Detroit my whole life and visit Vegas as often as possible. While Andiamo is somewhat of a Detroit institution, I can tell you I've never heard of this act. No one I know would associate them with Detroit so it's a bummer such a so-so to bad show is there representing entertainment from Detroit.

Why not bring in a show that has some sort of base in Detroit? How about a Motown review? I've only visited The D once but I wasn't all that impressed. I keep hoping they'll really put some sort of authentic Detroit stamp on it, but they seem to want to keep side stepping with cheaper alternatives.

They are known in Detroit, if you're a certain age

The Scintas are very well known to Macomb and Oakland County people over the age of 65. That's the market Andiamo Showroom goes after. This is why they still feature The Gaylords, Rat Pack imitators,  Joan Rivers, Paul Anka, Rich Little and Don Rickles. Andiamo rarely carries any show that doesn't target an upper age demographic which is why I find The D partnering with them and adding The Scintas so bizarre. the D is trying to chase the hip Fremont crowd yet they've brought in an act whose bread and butter is the older Riviera type crowd. t

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