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When You're In The Club Doin' Things That You Should Not Do

May 3, 2013 at 5:31 PM | by | ()

We can probably all agree that clubs are filled with enough douche bags so here's our best advice on how not to be one of them. Got another tip to add to the list? Share it in the comments below!

Be Respectful To Your Host
Whether via email or text, communicate back in a timely fashion and be honest. Donít tell him (or her) that you can bring 10 girls with you when in reality you can bring four. Or, that your party will be there at 10:30 when you know youíll arrive at midnight. And if, at the last minute, you change your mind about going to the club, let your host know. Hosts get paid by the amount of people (more so, girls) they can bring in so keep that in mind before you flake out.

Donít Lie Or Make Up Excuses
ďThe other girls in my party are still in the bathroom. Can you let us in, anyway?Ē ďIím best friends with Jesse Waits.Ē ďHeís my designated driver, he doesnít have to pay cover, does he?Ē It's all been heard before. And, it gets lamer every time.

Dress Well
Ladies, if you feel like wearing something that isnít a dress or shorts or something sexy and heels, go downtown or to the casino lounge. Your leggings as pants arenít welcome here.

Gentlemen, most clubs will let you in with jeans, but only nice, dark wash, no-holes-in-them jeans. And, no matter how much you tip the bouncer, those tattered sneakers or flip flops arenít getting you in.

Donít Cut Others In Line
Unless you want to start a fight.

Tip In Cash
For everything. A dollar for every drink. A few dollars for the valet. A twenty (at least!) if youíre even thinking of sweet talking the bouncer/doorman into letting you bypass the line.

Be Courteous To Others At The Bar
If itís busy and there are multiple bartenders, break up your party and place orders with different bartenders. If itís busy and just one bartender, place all your orders at once and donít order anything complicated.

Donít Dance With Your Drink
Unless you want to ruin someoneís night by spilling all over them. Take two or three big gulps of your drink before walking around anywhere.

Ask A Lady If Sheíd Like To Dance
Women would rather bump and grind with the air and pretend Channing Tatum is dry humping them than dance with a creeper. Donít be that guy.

Donít Treat A Fellow Clubber Like A Personal Photographer
Ladies, try to get your obligatory ďlook at us hot girls about to go clubbiníĒ picture just outside the club doors, near the clubís logo or sign. Inside, itís nearly impossible to take a good picture with the dim lighting, lazers and fog. So, donít trouble your fellow clubbers by asking them to take multiple pictures of you.

Donít Make Out (Or Do The Dirty) On The Dance Floor
Things can get hot and heavy on the dance floor, but if youíre going to suck face, find a dark hallway or private table/booth. And, donít try to make love in the club. Youíll get kicked out for even trying. Get a room. Or, at the very least, a unisex bathroom.

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Archived Comments:

Drinks on the Dance Floor

Some douchebag spilled his drink all over me one time up in the club. I ended up marrying the a**hole. ;)

Make it stop!!!

When will this club phase stop???  How long did "family Vegas" last?

Begone expensive, loud, clubs!

one thing your forgot..

Ladies, please keep your shoes on. I know those heels cant be comfortable at 2:30 in the morning, but its beyond disgusting seeing chicks barefoot in the club..

agree with most

That making out on the dance floor is one of the funnest things....youre in vegas...nobody knows you, if you find that cute guy/girl go for it.....dont hump them in the club, but making out is a good start for the night.