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Elvis Presley's 'King's Ransom' Returns To Vegas And Heads Downtown

June 11, 2013 at 6:32 PM | by | ()

We've previously mentioned The King's Ransom, the long gone Elvis Presley exhibit at the Imperial Palace, whenever we've pondered why there's so few local tributes to the King. Michael Jackson is our new king of pop culture. But, fear not, the King's Ransom is back. And, heading downtown.

Binion's will host an updated version of the former touring exhibit and the creators are talking like it'll become a permanent home for this collection. Where exactly in Binion's? We don't yet know. We'll need to talk a walk around.

What personal Elvis treasures will be on display?

- The Last Car Elvis Ever Purchased: 1977 Lincoln Mark V
- Stage Worn Costume Items
- Film Worn Wardrobe
- Ring's, Necklaces And Other Jewelry
- Items Worn By The King, Including The Massive "Elvis On Tour" Ring That Was Worn During The Filming Of His 1972 Documentary.
- Elaborate Personal Wardrobe
- Guns, Badges, And A Variety Of Elvis' Law Enforcement Items
- Personal Items From His Graceland Home, Including The Bible That Was On His Nightstand When He Passed Away.
...And Many More Items Encompassing Elvis' Life And Career From The 50's To The 70's

They also suggest:

"Relax in the Elvis lounge with behind the scenes movies, and performances by Elvis Tribute Artists, and browse our unique gift shop!"

We found a very shaky YouTube video of the old Imperial palace set up, but yep, there's the car, the elaborate wardrobe...

Binion's Facebook page says they believe the exhibit will be up and running by July 4. But, they are just the landlord. The King's Ransom folks are being sensibly circumspect about opening night. When we know more, we'll let you know.

6. 28 Update: Binion's states the exhibit will open on July 5.

(Photo: The King's Ransom Museum)

Archived Comments:


There is plenty of room on the second floor above the Million Dollar Photo Booth.  The old buffet is up there, along with a vacant Chinese restaurant, a closed store that's being used for records storage, and conference rooms.  There is also access from up there to their rear parking garage.

2nd floor

2nd floor was my guess too Sam.  They just recently moved their poker tournament room upstairs too.

Glad to hear that Binion's is making some moves downtown.  Have always liked the ol' gal.

Local tributes to the King of RnR

There are tributes to Elvis in Las Vegas. (and I don't mean impersonators) Perhaps you just are not aware of them. For example:
The Riviera has pictures on the wall, a part of their classic Vegas history. The LVH has nods to Elvis all over. In front of the Riv, there is a star in the sidewalk, a part of the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. The Golden Steer has a table named after him because Elvis would have dinner there often.  The Harley Davidson restaurant has his motorcycle. Both Hard Rock Restaurants have many items on display.
What are you looking for?
Are you aware it takes money and effort to create tributes? The owners of the Ransom certainly had their work cut out for them to have this museum downtown. Congrats to them and Binion's.
Sure, there should be more tributes and I work on that all the time, as a fan club president. If you would like to help, just contact me.

Will Be Located In Old Poker Tournament Area

Talking to folks from the poker room this will be located in what was the poker tournament area downstairs in the back of the place by the 1st and Ogden St. entrance.

If you notice they moved the poker tournaments upstairs into the Longhorn room.  

As a poker player this kinda of stinks.


I've just been informed that Cynthia Pepper from the Elvis movie Kissin' Cousins will be at The Kings Ransom this Friday (30th) Saturday (31st) and Sunday (1st).

I can't wait to see her. She was also in My Three Sons, The Addams Family, The Flying Nun, Wagon Train, and she even had her own TV show called "Margie"