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Your Latest Look At Sahara, Erm, SLS

June 19, 2013 at 8:27 PM | by | ()

The rapid pace of changes at the Sahara-slash-SLS Las Vegas seems to have slowed, from the viewpoint of a looky loo, at least. From a construction worker, we can't say.

VegasChatter fan, whom we should just dub our (un)official photographer at this point, Greg C. has captured a new set of images of the changes underway. If you've been following his photo essays (see here, here and here) the progression is now subtle. For others, who remember the aging hotel from its glory days, the changes will be more obvious.

The shuttered resort continues to lose a bit more of its Moroccan-inspired facade. Greg notes that most of the work appears to focus on the Tangiers tower right now. As he states, "all of the Moroccan-style crenellations have been removed from the roof edges and the windows along the the south stairwell are out." (Crenellations: pointy things on the roof.)

Meanwhile, signage of things to come (The Bazaar, Fred Segal, and more) can now be seen ringing the property's exterior. And, the dome that once towered over Sahara's main entrance has now been completely erased.

For the history lovers, Greg found an old snapshot of The Beatles hanging on a balcony at the Sahara, taken by photographer Curt Gunther.

The year? 1964. Greg says the photo was taken from room 2344. He was able to capture a shot of that same balcony back in 2011:

Sadly, it's not a piece of lost Vegas as it's been completely removed now.

SLS Las Vegas is due to debut in the fall of next year.

(PHOTOS: Greg C., Curt Gunther)

Archived Comments:


Does anyone know what happened to the two camels that used to stand by the entrance? One had a man on its erm...hump and the other had a man stood next to it. They were removed long before the hotel finally closed. I've always wondered what happened to them. They were there forever.....even featured in Oceans 11!


Rockstedyuk, they sold pretty much everything at a giant liquidation sale back in june of 2011. Even the camels where for sale...so your camels are gone like the sorts and suedeheads.

Camels--sold off for sure

According to an article back in 2011--those camels were for sale....  Here is a quote--"The priciest item on the casino floor was the currency change desk at the casino cage, priced at $28,000. Next might have been one of Sahara's famous camels, which everyone talked about but no one could afford at $12,000.".....  Somebody eventually came up with the cash....

the whole article is here...(hope the cut-and-paste works)

<a href="http://www.vegasinc.com/news/2011/jun/16/sahara-unloads-pieces-58-year-history-liquidation-/#/0">http://www.vegasinc.com/news/2011/jun/16/sahara-unloads-pieces-58-year-history-liquidation-/#/0</a>


That was the one that was inside. I'm talking about the ones outside. They vanished as soon as SLS took over the Sahara way before it closing and the liquidation sale happening......but thanks for all the information. You're a friendly and informative bunch over here.