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What Do You Do When You First Arrive in Vegas?

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Whether you fly or drive into Vegas, the experience is nothing short of epic, especially if you arrive at night. There's something about the sight of the Strip that's simply magical, the glitter and glam of the bright lights as you come into town and the sounds of the slots as you enter the casino. This is especially true if you've had four drinks on the plane or in the passenger seat.

Something that sets Vegas apart is that, regardless of what time you arrive, your options are all pretty much wide open, at least in comparison to many other destinations. You can find an open casino, bar, or restaurant at any time of day. And, in the summer, even some pools are open at night. Want to dance during the day? No problem, either.

It makes us curious as to what you do upon first arriving in Vegas, post- or pre-check-in. We like to find a liquor store and stock up on some booze for the room, make ourselves a carry-out drink, then shoot over to the sports book and check the lines for the upcoming days. From there, it's off to wherever the wind takes us. What about you? Do you hit the casinos, the pool, the strip club, the liquor store or dot, dot, dot first? Maybe you christen the bed? Anything's possible in Vegas, and we want details!

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Check into the hotel

Then hit The Earl of Sandwhich at PH. Always The Earl before anything.


I alwas find a table that looks right and put down $100 on red or black. If I win I usually feel like my gambling will go my way, if I lose, I hide the ATM card.


After arriving at McCarran, I head straight to the limo stand and either get a town care (if small group) or a limo (if 4 or more) and head to the liquor store on East Tropicana (McCarran Village).  After stocking up, I head to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign for a picture and then take a leisurely (traffic) ride up Las Vegas Boulevard to the Mirage.  Same procedure every time, usually 4-6 times per year.  Haven't gotten tired of it yet!

1st thing to do in Vegas

Grab a cab and make the driver take me through In & Out Burger!

<a href="http://www.in-n-out.com/menu.aspx">http://www.in-n-out.com/menu.aspx</a>

1st Vegas Move

Regardless of hotel and time of day, I always get a beer and take a photo of beer with some type of Vegas background (craps table, slot machine, sports book) and text all of my sad friends that are at work!

Always the same gameplan

Number one: We ALWAYS make sure to get to Vegas on a Saturday or Sunday morning (even if it means driving all night long) for the Bellagio champagne brunch. It is tradition and The Husband would probably divorce me if I ever took that tradition away from him LOL. Next: Get into our room and dump our crap off. Take a brief moment to take in the view - ahhh. Then head to Lee's to get some booze (cupcake shots anyone?), head over to Walmart to get some munchies for the fridge and head back to the hotel for some pool time. This is our ritual. It is a sad ritual to some, perfect to us :)

Wastin' away agin

Right to check-in, drop off the bags, and then right to Margaritaville for lunch and then over to Paris for BJ.  I don't know why but we always seem to win there, which is a great start to the trip.  

I Don't Have A Routine

I don't drive or fly but hop on the Megabus in Downtown Los Angeles to the South Strip Terminal in Las Vegas. Then it's the RTC Strip & Downtown Express (SDX) to the resort of my choice. I don't have a routine that I follow but I really like the other commenters choices. I might try one of them when I'm in Vegas again.

3rd Time

As it is only our 3rd time visiting Vegas, we don't have a set routine. HOWEVER, we normally drop our bags, get cleaned up and start venturing the strip for our first drink and wander around until we can't feel our feet! Heading back in September, can't wait!!!

Been a while, but

My ritual tends to be getting a cab to the casino/hotel for the trip, check-in, unpack and hang the appropriate items (this can save you alot of time later in prep for going out), then hit a liqour store for supplies if I arrive during the day.  If I land at night I usually go right out after unpacking for food/drinks and then gambling.


Argue with the wife. She wants to UNPACK! I say LEAVE IT FOR LATER AND LETS FREAKING GO!

In n Out

After we pick up the rental car, the first stop is always In n Out for a Double Double.  We don't have those back east.  And even though it is probably more associated with California than Vegas, to us it is Vegas.

Cruise The Strip

As soon as we pick up the rental car, we connect to the strip just south of the sign and cruise all the way up regardless of where we're staying.

After that initial cruise is done, we'll head to the hotel and hit one of the new slot machines we haven't seen yet. Right after that we just check in and start the drinking.

In n Out Here!

Seems like the popular choice in these posts but I grab the rental car and head straight to In n Out Burger.  I will be there July 4th!  Can't wait!

I just don't get

the the appeal of In n Out. Clearly I'm in the minority. So I grab my bags, cab it to the hotel (Palazzo, please), check in, unpack and then hit the pool. Heaven!


If the room is ready drop off the bag in the room...then head for a VP bar and a beer...

If room is not ready, check the bag and head for a VP Bar and a beer...


Grab the rental car, stock up on beer, snacks, check in and straight to Earl of Sandwich!! After that depending on time of day usually a wander down the strip to check out the new additions


my flight is always an early one and I never feel all so great after flying, so once I have checked in and get to my room, I'll take a nap for a bit, and then hit the pool and order a nice drink!

BTW, I have never tried In n Out, is it really worth a cab ride to try it?


I usually arrive mid-morning and head straight to the M Resort.  I get an inexpensive but filling lunch buffet, and then do some light gambling to slowly slide into Vegas mode.  Once I get a small taste there, I can sanely get back to the Strip and checked in without feeling on edge.

Morning or evening

Evening arrival: straight to bootleggers for some dinner, wine ,and Sinatra, then to check in @ Cosmo or encore. Then comes the ....

Morning arrival: cvs for the stock up, check in and bags to the room, straight to whatever dayclub. Marquee, ebc, wet, daylight.

Same old

Grab the rental car, head to a CVS for booze and snacks, cruise the strip and find somewhere to gamble. We usually have a late flight and we usually get a nice room upgrade.

Flying in from the UK...

Usually arrange an evening arrival so we get an amazing view of the neon upon descent. Jump into a shuttle, straight to hotel check in (there's normally little to no wait as we like to arrive on a Tue or Wed night). Drop off bags, freshen up and find a late starting poker tournament. Settle in, order a vodka redbull and try to stay awake a little longer after a full days traveling!

Now and then

When I first started going to Vegas, the first thing I would do, even before we would check in is run over to Jack in the Box and get tacos...love me some of their tacos....because we don't have them on the east coast...I don't do that anymore...but now...as soon as I get settled...I run over to Gold Coast and go play some bingo!!!!


Get the rental car, check in room, unpack, then either eat or gamble.

When in Vegas

Pick up rental then go to Hash House for breakfast

In-n-Out Burger!

I'm amused how many people here have said they make it a point to visit In-n-Out! But maybe I shouldn't be surprised after seeing how busy (esp. on weekends) the ones in Utah are.

Pooltime and cocktails...

I'm with Bob103061 on hitting the pool and getting into the Vegas mood with a few cocktails. :o)

After a 10.5 hour flight from the UK I pick up the rental car and check into the hotel, it's now about 3:30pm and I've been up for 18 hours..definitely need a shower and it helps to keep me awake through until midnight.

Take a tee-shirt and swimming trunks out of the case and head down to the pool - we don't get much sun in the UK and need all the vitamin D we can get!

Get to bed about midnight, wake up the following morning at 8am and I'm in the time zone (jet lag going back is a killer though...), head out to Walmart to pick up snacks and drinks for the room.

In-and-Out baby!

Not necessarily the first thing but definitively one of the first things I do is go to In-and-Out.  The one on Dean Martin Drive with the HUGE HUGE HUGE neon sign.

Check in...

unpack and shower.  depending on the time I either nap or force myself to stay up - I know that if I get off on the wrong foot early on then it screws me up for days.  

Vegetative State

Check in, eat something fast, then park myself at a video poker machine, as young women bring me adult beverages, until my brain turns to mush.

Planet Hollywood

Arrive at McCarran in the morning (traveling from FL), grab luggage and the Bell Trans shuttle, get to hotel and check in, drop off luggage in room, check out view, unpack all toiletries....who knows when you will be back and IF you will even be able to find you contact holder, glasses or solution!  Once that is done, head to lunch at Planet Dailies (tuna salad sand for me, turkey club for her), then head to ABC Store in the Miracle Mile for water, diet coke, and a few "starter beers".  Drop that at the room with ice and then head out for the NIGHT.  Stop by the Sportsbook for a couple beers, check the golf and mlb odds, play some video blackjack, check in to Xtra Lounge to see if our favorite bartenders are still there, check out what's new in the casino, slots, etc...  Always watch the Bellagio fountains across the street as soon as it gets dark.  Usually end the night with a poker tourney at the old Bill's (PH stopped their 2am tourney a couple yrs ago), play some video bj at the Xtra Lounge with awesome bartender Andrew and then finally hit some breakfast at Victorian Room at Bill's and hit the hay by 3/4am.  Headed there in 2 weeks from today.  Sad that Bill's is now gone!

Like Clockwork

I pick up my rental, hit Walmart for snacks and beverages for the room and go to check in where I am staying.


Limo drops me at The hotel. May have picked up beer at the place on Trop. Check in. Bag in room, unopened except for toothbrush/paste. Brush teeth. Passport and extra money and too many credit cards go in safe. Grab beer, cigs. Go downstairs. Play slots for 8 hours.Second thing is..


Head to the store to stock up on beer and food, check in, and if the sun is still up I sleep until around 9pm or so then I have a few beers and hit the strip

Soak it in...

Try and get an earlier flight from Atlanta so I can crash for a few hours after the flight.  If with a S/O, an 'afternoon delight'. :)
Then shower, get dressed up, and have a few drinks sent up so we can watch the sun set over a nice Strip view, building excitement for the first night!

limo guys ok with that?

That sounds like a top way to start  a vegas trip!

Is it easy to just turn up and get a town car/limo or should you reserve?

Also is the dirver cool with making stops? I like your plans:)