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Excuse Us, Did You Leave These Shoes Under the Bed at Mandalay Bay?

June 20, 2013 at 1:58 PM | by | ()

People leave lots of things behind in Las Vegas, namely their inhibitions and their dignity. But, sometimes, people leave actual material belongings behind, too. (No, your wallet at the strip club doesn't count.)

After a recent stay at Mandalay Bay, our friend was doing a good sweep of the hotel room to make sure he had all his belongings when he found these under the bed -- a pair of black, studded high heels.

If you're the owner of these shoes, they are probably still waiting for you at Mandalay Bay. Just call the hotel's Lost and Found department. If they say they didn't find any shoes, you can show them this pic.

What have you left behind in Vegas? Did you ever manage to find it again? Tell us in comments below!

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Archived Comments:

Didn't leave it, but got stolen

I have had a camcorder in the bag stolen from between my feet at a slot machine...and what was crappy was it was my first time in Vegas and I had just come back from filming Fremont Street...this was before the canopy.  I also had a portfolio stolen that same trip...not fun.

Happens all the time

Shortly after Mardi Gras 1975 my parents went to New Orleans for a romantic getaway without the rugrats (my brother and I were 4 and 2). They stayed in a little bed and breakfast in the French Quarter. They found gold lame platform sandals under the bed. The proprietors of the inn recognized them as belonging to the hooker who'd come down to work the Super Bowl that year and promised to send them on to her.

Testing Housekeeping

On multi-night stays, I usually put a small piece of trash (or an empty drinking glass) somewhere out of the way.  Under the bed works.  Or, on the windowsill behind the blackout drapes.

If the room cleaner finds it, I'll double my usual tip for the rest of the stay because I know the cleaner is being very thorough.


I wondered where they'd got to...

Forget about the studs, those heels could take someone's eye out...I guess the owner didn't want any 'dangerous goods' questions at the airport scanner? :o)