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Rio's VooDoo SkyLine Brings Back Some Zip

June 19, 2013 at 6:05 PM | by | ()

Sky high is where the action will be in Las Vegas. Perhaps you've heard this week's excitable news about a proposed 650-foot-tall roller coaster called the Polercoaster. It might be coming to the Tropicana. Maybe the end of this year. Maybe next. It's great news for those who think the Linq's High Roller too sedate.

Our opinion? If it's a venture connected to the Tropicana, the current kings of fail, it'll never happen. Locally, there's a major stink of death attached to the Trop and we look forward to hearing the plans of the eventual new owners. Removing all hint of the Bagatelle disaster would create the perfect location for the coaster. But, anyway...

No, we're looking out for a project we actually believe will happen. The Rio's twin tower thrill experience. We first told you about the Voodoo Zip Ride back in April. It begins three hundred and fifty seven feet up in the air and lets you fly at up to 33 miles an hour between the two points you see in the photo above. We've met people who get nervous just thinking about it.

When the rumor became official, they dropped the zip from the name and it was announced as the VooDoo SkyLine. Now, it's been officially renamed again, as the Voodoo Zip Line. Three words there. Their web page still features the SkyLine logo. Their email addresses, too. But Zip Line, for now, is the way forward.

Hmmm. What to make of a venture with an identity crisis? All promotion for the ride says it will be ready by summer. We walked around the Rio recently and only saw World Series of Poker action. No voodoo, that they'll do, so well. We're still excited, but can't help wondering about everyone else. The company Facebook page has only 136 likes since January. Their Twitter feed did just tell their 502 tweet-pals that big news was coming soon. Hope so. Every week, the local Vegas major announcements get bigger and crazier. A backwards and forwards zip ride hundreds of feet above the Rio's pool scene is already sounding so yesterday.

(Photo: VooDoo Zip Line)

Archived Comments:

No surprises here

Another promised attraction that slowly fades away, much like all of the other ferris wheels, roller coasters and zip lines that have been planned around Luxor, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, etc.

In Rio's case, this could be especially bad. Since the closure of Show In The Sky, there really isn't anything "special" about Rio to lure folks from the strip anymore.  If you're there, you're there.  If not, no reason to go.

No interest

I have absolutely zero interest in these zip lines and free fall attractions that keep popping up.

In a town where there's SO much to do that's pretty much "walk up and have fun", why on Earth would I want to waste hours in line, waiting to over pay for something like this?


I hadn't heard about Show in the Sky closing.  One less reason to go to the Rio now, though in honesty Penn and Teller's show there has always been my main draw.  Show in the Sky and Voodoo were always other fun things to see while there though.