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Resorts World To Commence Construction Within A Year

June 20, 2013 at 12:45 PM | by | ()

Resorts World has gone on record. Construction on its Las Vegas destination will commence within one year, or by June 19, 2014, specifically.

Property representatives went before local government officials yesterday regarding several points and, unsurprisingly, received approval for all of its requests. A thumbs up was given to its intention to add trees and various other landscaping along its Las Vegas Boulevard border; to drop plans to 'wrap' the long dormant Echelon husk it will replace away from view; and to build a 35-foot-tall wall that will announce the new mega-resort to come. And, not just any wall. This one will have a sound component (mandated to be no louder than 60 decibels, or the volume of a normal conversation) that will play music as well as help direct passersby to one of two preview centers that were also green-lighted.

If you miss themed Las Vegas, you'll be happy here until the real thing comes along. One Asian-styled preview center, located at The Strip and Echelon Resort Drive near Encore, is detailed as a major entry gate which would be a permanent feature and not torn down when the rest of the property comes online. Here, guests will find a large plaza with an outdoor performance space where live entertainment will be conducted "on an intermittent basis." (Think dragon dances, etc.) A rendering of what that will look like is here:

While the other, equally Asian-themed space, located further down the Strip at the property's northeast corner, will host a preview showroom and retail sales. It's seen here:

The images are small as we captured them from a recording of yesterday's zoning commission hearing. We're working on obtaining larger versions.

The $2 billion dollar Resorts World project is expected to make its Las Vegas debut sometime in 2016.

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Call me cynical...

Am I the only person who thinks this will never actually happen? Can Vegas/the Strip support more capacity? The Cosmo opened in 2010, but it's my understanding it has yet to turn a profit. We'll see how it goes! Anyway, the saga that truly fascinates me is the Fontain-bust! What will ever become of that?


Cosmo has finally started turning a profit. They are a bit different then other resorts on the strip. They are focused more on the food and night club scene rather then their casino. I think they have realized they have to put a bit more into gambling and have made some adjustments to make it more gambler friendly. There is plenty of demand for more resorts in Vegas, especially ones that stand out from the crowd. I think this will hopefully show MGM the error of their ways in de-themeing everything.


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