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Container Park Talks Of Opening Day, Needs Tenants And Boss

June 25, 2013 at 8:15 PM | by | ()

You'd think a park made of pre-constructed shipping containers would be pretty swift to erect. Apparently not. And, you'd think with the downtown renaissance in full swing, you'd be beating off prospective tenants with a sharp stick. Apparently, that ain't true, either.

We've covered at length Fremont East's dog-filled, caboose-embellished, praying mantis-decorated, future Shipping Container Park. There will be music, food, shopping, offices and a dome filled with wonder. But, we've discovered in a local news report that we'll have to wait until October 26 for an opening day. That happens to be the same day downtown's Life Is Beautiful music and food festival will bring thousands of folks to their front door. Maybe it's us, but thousands of people streaming into the park on the first day you've ever sold a ticket, a soda or rigidly tested any equipment, seems like a recipe for absolute disaster.

But, if you've been reading our reports and said, wow, I wish I ran a shop in one of those cubes, well, know you can. And, it sounds like they'd really like to hear from you. Get your game plan in order and apply here. The spaces available are 250 square feet. It is a shipping container, after all. And, you need to make a YouTube video to explain yourself. A video pitch. Hmmm. That sounds a recipe for awful.

Oh, but wait. Now, we get it. Here's the important criteria for acceptance: "Story Worthy: What about your business would be worthy of a story in a major publication or national news outlet?" We guess that doesn't include us, because we only hear crickets from the Downtown Project every time we promote their plan to hundreds of thousands of people. (VegasChatter Facebook likes: 32,455. Downtown Project Facebook likes: 3570.) Anyway...

They say they are looking at between 30 to 38 tenants. It took them this long to notice they were missing that many? And, so few people, with good ideas, have inquired in the last eleven months? Should we be worried, Container Park?

Now, with opening day a few months away, we'll be sure to hit up the the park manager to glean some further details. Oh, no. They don't yet have one! They've been waiting for you to take over. Are you "extremely flexible, eager to tackle new challenges, and comfortable working in an unconventional (but super fun) environment"? Then head over here and apply for the new vacancy. They are quite strict in their previous experience qualifications, but at least you don't need to compete via YouTube. We know one of our readers would be a perfect fit. Do let us know how you get on.

(Rendering: Downtown Project)

Archived Comments:

I'm becoming skeptical

I'm really beginning to wonder if this Park will come into being!  I recall it was supposed to open in Spring 2013, but that has come and gone.  Maybe they can pull it together eventually, but it doesn't sound like there's much interest from potential occupants.

Opening Timeframe

Agreed it's not ideal, even if they do soft open a few days before. Could be a disaster of ruined first impressions.

They Are Asking Too Much

3o "news worthy" tenants? Good luck with that one. Downtown could easily hit a tipping point where there is too much retail for the current demand as it is. Running a "mom and pop" shop (even if the person running it is relatively young) is very, very tough work and has a high rate of failure.

I wish them well and hope it works out. But, they better just be happy they fill up all the storefronts unless the rent is so obnoxiously cheap that people are beating down the (container) doors to be located there.

So they won't REALLY be shipping containers?

"... backers dreamed up new uses while seeking to appease city officials who couldn't bend building codes to accommodate shipping container construction.

The result: a bigger site on Seventh Street for more people-friendly glass-and-steel boxes made to look like shipping containers."

<a href="http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/downtown">http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/downtown</a>

This project will really be an improvement

Yeah, we've heard about how the downtown project will make this city prosper. I'm not sure about the rest of it, but I know that the container park will be beneficial. I personally know one of the designers for it. He frequently speaks of how this will enrich the community and help boost business. The many community attractions will make this one of the best cultural hubs in the city, for adults and kids.

These small business need something like this park to get them going. It's likely to get a lot of business because of the proximity to the Las Vegas Academy high school nearby. The downtown area is definitely getting better and we don't have to worry about this project.

Oh and they are real shipping containers. They are also using Xtreme X Cubes, which are manufactured locally, so economic stimulus is good all around.