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It's So Hot in Vegas Our Room Key Melted

July 1, 2013 at 9:21 PM | by | ()

We knew it would be hotter than ever when we landed in Vegas last Friday, but it was so hot our room key melted while we were in the pool.

Temperatures on Saturday afternoon hit 115 degrees which is why we sought refuge poolside at the Mandarin Oriental. Yet, the only way we could find real relief from the heat was by being submerged in the pool and leaving our pool key to fend for itself.

While the dip helped, it didn't stop the sun from beating down onto our head as well as our room key. So, in fear of getting a third-degree scalp burn as well as not being able to get into our room, we had to call it quits after two dips. We ate lunch under the misters at Mandarin's excellent poolside cafe instead before spending the rest of the afternoon in the spa. Tough life, we know. Oh, and in case you were wondering... yes, the room key still worked, warped and all.

The heat only got worse on Sunday, reaching 117 degrees and tying a record. We heard some hotel air conditioners were struggling to keep up and noticed that casinos were extremely crowded, sheltering more sweaty and nearly-naked people than usual.

The heat wave hasn't really let up yet with temps hitting 112 today. The boiling temps should last until Friday, when they should drop off to a "chilly" 105 degrees.

[Photo: VegasChatter]

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103 Monday in Salt Lake city

It's too hot up here IMHO, no way I want to deal with the current Vegas temps!

Not surprised

My new Chanel lipstick melted in my purse in the LV heat!!!


that is hot if lipstick melts in one's purse. And a Chanel, no less.


I'm glad to know about this great stuff.