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Véronic DiCaire Overflows With Talent and Voices At Bally's

July 1, 2013 at 7:57 PM | by | ()

A singular sensation with a talent seemingly born to play a Las Vegas showroom, Véronic DiCaire -- with some help from Celine Dion -- has begun a residency at Bally's. And, even though you've probably never heard of her, she displays more talent than many Vegas regulars you certainly have. Sings just like them, too. All of them. Every single one.

VÉRONIC Voices stars a female singing impressionist. Itself a rarity, but there's a very big twist here. English is her second language. So, she needs to sing in perfect English, in perfect key, exactly like the person she is emulating while she dances, or plays piano and looks attractive enough for you to pay to watch her do it. That she pulls this off with apparent ease is remarkable. And, if you had been thinking of seeing Legends In Concert, Frank Marino's Divas or any other tribute show, unless you are pining to witness a fake Elvis, stop your plans and see this show instead. You won't even miss out on a Jackson family fix. Janet is mimicked with uncanny precision.

There's no lip-syncing and only rare attempts to look like the performer, nevertheless, these are uncanny superstar tributes. A petite, French accented blonde with a self-depreciating air, Véronic loves to attack voices that possess drama. And, she loves to surprise the audience. Left-field choices rather than just the obvious and expected Celine. Voices like Tina Turner are the George Burns of singing impressions. Full of extra gimmickry to hold onto. We found it more entertaining to hear a spot-on version of Debbie Harry, Rhianna, Sheryl Crow, Pat Benatar and even Taylor Swift. She sings Mariah Carey's Emotions and hits that note. She sings as Dolly Parton and nails that laugh. It's all very impressive. We'll just list some more names: Marilyn Monroe, Billie Holiday, Norah Jones, Liza, Pink, Cher and Susan Boyle. Really, it's very impressive.

The posters promote 50 voices. (Rich Little was hyping 30. And, we much preferred Véronic.) We believe her true repertoire must dwarf that. A check of her Wikipideia page lists imitations of Franco-Canadian stars that will never travel across the border. Some voices are naturally better than others. Her vocal range begins at, let's say, Annie Lennox, where those bass notes are as low as she's most comfortable for more than a few bars. And, the more emotion in a voice or a lyric she can grab onto, the better.

Here is her latest promotional video. Take note the stage setting is from her earlier Canadian tours where she fills even bigger rooms.

We mercilessly criticized CeeLo Green for singing karaoke with no live band during his residency. The excuse was the stage was too small. That can't be applied in this enormous Bally's space. All the music is expertly cued music tracks. While we would have preferred live accompaniment, the current relentless procession of different styles and genres would probably have been substituted with more full-length numbers. Not the right feel for a Vegas night.

A small troupe of female dancers adds visual interest and three video screens provide well-produced imagery to some segments and less elaborate, filler backdrops to others. Perhaps, the better moments were hold-overs from her previous tours.

The musical styles are enough to sate any ticket buyer of the other tribute or impersonator shows. Pop, country, disco, ballads and a whole section devoted to divas. We did encounter a few issues with the production. First is the room. The Jubilee! stage is so wide it crosses two time zones. Much of the show's focus is central and can be dwarfed by the setting. Like Shania Twain's show, they utilize extensive video screens, but no closeups of the performer projected onto them. A smaller room like Terry Fator's, even Peepshow's, would dramatically have helped the connection with the audience.

Our second criticism is the rhythm of the production. It lacks a natural flow. They have most of the right parts, but they feel like they shuffled them up and put them in the wrong order. The opening attempt to introduce her talents is a little confusing, but eventually manages to introduce Véronic's modest demeanor. The country numbers hit a slower tempo that can drag for the non-fan. And, the finest moment, a hyper-pep eighties medley, is stacked near the top and is never quite matched for energy across the eighty minutes. Even in the Madonna tribute.

Trusting a unique, but unknown talent performing at Bally's requires an act of faith on behalf of the ticket buyer. And, that might prove a great shame. VÉRONIC Voices is boiled essence of Vegas. Tough to dislike, charming, humble and so skilled you will genuinely be startled by her range. Her famed impersonation of Celine Dion resulted in Celine helping produce this show. And, no doubt, helped get it here. It deserves to stay on its own well-earned merits.

Véronic DiCaire can be seen at the Jubilee! Theater in Bally’s at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, most weeks, through August 31. Bally's recommends you visit ticketmaster.com and use keyword “Veronic” for exact dates. Ticket prices range from $60 to $120. Our ticket was provided as part of media press night.

(Photos: VegasChatter, Denise Truscello)

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I saw posters for Veronic everywhere over the weekend. But I couldn't really understand what the show was about from the poster so I had to ask. Someone said she was a "female Danny Gans" but that might be doing her a disservice according to this review.

It's a very good show

But it's too long....I'd cut it by 30 minutes. I got bored in the middle