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Pokin' Around Card Rooms

July 12, 2013 at 4:16 PM | by | Comments (0)

Today marks day four of the World Series of Poker Main Event as 6,352 players continue to play down to one. That's down from last year's count of 6,598, but still good enough for a $8,359,531 first place payout. And, since we're sitting here writing this story, we're obviously not in the running for even one dollar of that. Rather than waiting for next year, we started poking around for news on poker rooms elsewhere in the city.


Last year, we reported on the bright new Cantor sportsbook that had opened at Silverton Casino. The best-laid plans called to re-open the poker room with a big, bright red splash before the end of the year. It was already setup and ready. We even took pictures to prove it and promised to keep you updated on its unveiling.

Fast forward through several Silverton updates and seven months later and you'll notice there's been no Silverton poker updates. Before we go placing blame on our obsessions with coffee, resort fees and sleeping, the fact is there's been nothing to report. The room hasn't opened. In fact, it was taken down earlier this year only to be put back up weeks later.

So is poker making a comeback to the Silverton? A call to casino special ops confirms one is still on the way. Just waiting on paperwork. Or, application approval. Or, something. Whatevs. The lodge is still one of our fav off Strip casinos and poker was never one its draws. It would just be a bonus if we had the urge to play on a future trip.

Any buzz on poker at Silverton? Will the cards be back in the air anytime soon or not? Does anyone care? Let us know!


Poker is returning to LVH. Today, in fact. And, a pit at that. The Poker Pit will be located near the Tempo Lounge featuring the usual run of cash games and tournament formats that include survivor, ladies only, no-limit and H.O.R.S.E. 1983 World Series of Poker champ Tom McEvoy has reportedly been named their celebrity poker host.

Digging outside the cheery casino announcements turns up the name of the room's new manager, Bonnie Leinhos. That normally might not be newsworthy to the casual player, but longtime Vegas fans might be familiar with her from past poker rooms she's run. Online poker fanatics, meanwhile, may recognize her as a name that's allegedly been mentioned in the same article detailing the UltimateBet Cheating Scandal. Actually, not even allegedly. There it is mentioned together in black and white: Bonnie Leinhos and UltimateBet. Whether she allegedly did anything or didn't allegedly do anything isn't our call. We aren't lawyers. Heck, we aren't even good poker players. Writing, not playing the Main Event, remember?

Putting aside names for a moment, reaction is mixed as to whether a room back at LVH will be successful or not. Some AllVegasPoker commenters think the casino is too far off the beaten path and the parking blows to boot. Others are of the opinion that convention business is big enough to at least give it a try.

Cards are in the air today. So, if you're at the LVH, stop by the Pit if you are so inclined. Just keep one hand on your chips and the other on your wallet. Just in case. Allegedly.


The six-table poker room at Riviera disappeared last month. Technically, it wasn't even a room, but rather a set of roped off tables set on the casino floor near the sportsbook. We never saw more than one table running (if that) so, while disappointing as it is to lose anotha brotha, it's not all surprising.


Something's brewing over at the Venetian poker room, too. Turns out Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson thinks "online gambling is a threat to our society –- a toxin which all good people ought to resist." That, of course, extends to online poker which he believes should be banned in the United States. Those beliefs, understandably, haven't sat well with poker players. So, Nolan Dolla -- author of Stu Unger's fantastic biography One Of A Kind -- has called for an organized boycott of the Venetian poker room July 22-26.

Being one of the biggest and busiest rooms in town, a successful boycott could be quite a statement. If Sheldon doesn't like poker, players are free to take their chips and play elsewhere. For those five days at least. Some players in online forums have questioned the timing which comes the day after the conclusion of the Venetian's very successful Deepstack Tournament Series. Missed opportunity to hit 'em when the room is overflowing and all that.

To answer every lingering question you may have about the boycott, Dolla has created a FAQ on his website, addressing everything from the dates of the boycott to whether it will hurt the bottom line of Adelson or poker dealers more. Source links to Adelson statements are included, too, for even further reading.

That's a wrap on poker news for today. It appears we've got a room we can now play again, one we can't any longer, another we're still waiting on and, lastly, a room we're recommended against giving business to for a few days. A little something of everything. Choices, choices, choices. Or, maybe none at all. Have some poker room insight we need to know about? Drop us a line, our tipline is always open.

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