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More Bars Headed To Fremont Street

Where: 1028 Fremont Street [map], 89101
July 2, 2013 at 2:36 PM | by | ()

Still not enough bars on Fremont Street for you? Looks like you're getting three more.

Next week, city planning officials will consider a proposal to turn the old Fergusons Motel into a trio of taverns, each with outdoor seating. The establishments would be 2,000, 2,360 and 2,625 square feet in size, respectively. Retail shops and offices would also be located on-site.

Documents filed with the City of Las Vegas show each tavern would have a separate owner, but no further information on names, themes or intentions were stated. Paperwork, however, does confirm the buildings would keep "the original architectural aesthetic from when they were constructed in the 1950's." Reports also indicate that the motel's current parking lots would be transformed into "plazas" for outdoor tavern service. Project reps believe most customers will walk to the area. Folks who drive there would be directed to a nearby for-pay lot reportedly being constructed at the site of the demolished Ambassador Motel.

The vacant 69-room Fergusons Motel is located in Downtown Vegas on Fremont between 10th and 11th. The topic of its renovation will be up for discussion on July 9 but -- spoiler alert -- it is already recommended for approval.

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Archived Comments:

Nice To See

A couple of years ago, I suggested that I could see Fremont East stretching to Maryland and beyond. Who knows... 10 years from now it may stretch to the old Showboat property, making it worth the money for Station Casinos to build.

Regardless, this is certainly influencing my desire to move downtown. The downside is that the older cottages in that area are really, really small!

Seriously, more bars?

The Downtown Project folks claim they want to create a complete walkable community downtown. (Or re-create; there's already a community there but that's another topic...) However, don't people need access to businesses other than bars and restaurants? To get groceries or obtain other basic goods or services, people will have to drive elsewhere in town. I guess that's why Tony is buying 100 Teslas. (If it doesn't show, I'm starting to become a bit cynical about all this).