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Where To Watch The Mayweather vs. Alvarez Fight

August 19, 2013 at 5:02 PM | by | ()

Boxing and Las Vegas have had a connection for years. Almost every big fight in boxing's recent history has taken place in Las Vegas. That tradition continues on September 14 when Floyd Mayweather takes on Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. This is the most anticipated boxing match in a few years and tickets sold out quickly. Unlike most sports, you can't just walk into a casino sportsbook and watch a fight (boxing or UFC) for free. Matches are only shown at a few select places. This changes depending on the fight and is always a question we get in the weeks leading up to the face-off:

"Where on the strip would Vegas Chatter recommend as a place to go to watch the big fight next month?" -- Eric S.

Since most big boxing matches are at MGM Grand Garden Arena or Mandalay Bay Events Center, viewing parties are mostly kept to MGM Resorts. Since the Mayweather v. Alvarez bout is one of the bigger fights we'll see, there were initially closed circuit events at Aira, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Monte Carlo and New York-New York. Tickets went on sale in April and here's what remains available:

Aria - Ironwood Ballroom - $100 plus fees
Mandalay Bay - Mandalay Events Center - $111.15 plus fees
The Mirage - SOLD OUT
New York-New York - N/A
Monte Carlo - Diablo's - $100 plus fees 
Monte Carlo - The Pub - $100 plus fees
Planet Hollywood - Blondies - $25 Standing room only (no guaranteed seat) with option for all-you-can-drink when you arrive for another $75
Bellagio - Hyde Bellagio - $109.95 viewing party tickets, VIP packages also available - For reservations, call 702.693.8700

These are all closed circuit viewing parties where you are paying for the privilege to watch the fight. Food and drink will be offered at an additional fee. If you're an M Life high roller, you may be able to get comped entry into one of the viewing parties. Check with your host on that.

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Archived Comments:

PPV in hotel?

The PPV fee is less than any of those options ($65/$75 HD).  Is it possible to order it on your hotel TV?

Or maybe stream it on your laptop and connect that to the TV?

In comparison to a watch party, you only pay once but can have a bunch of friends watch together.

Yeah, not the same buzz as a watch party but at least you know you'll have a comfortable seat, a clear view and won't get gouged on food and drink.


You stated $25 for Blondies.
Note: The $25 is the deposit, you will owe an additional $75 when you pick up your ticket, which will include unlimited draft beer.



Catch a cab watch it for free?

Those crazy prices only apply to the strip.  You should be able to find a local bar in Vegas or suburb that will show it for free.  Here are a couple sites to get you started:

(shows bars that have shown boxing ppv in the past)

(Yes this is bars showing UFC events, but there is a good chance they also show boxing events)

Maybe it is different in Vegas, but in my area there are multiple bars that show all the UFC/Boxing PPVs for free (Kansas City).



Streaming in a hotel

I've done this at The Palazzo for a couple fights and have had mixed results because of wifi speeds. The more people using the worse the feed is. It's definitely an option but not a perfect option.

Mayweather vs Canelo Live Stream

On September 14, 2013 two undefeated champions will meet in the square circle. One a 17 year pro with accolades that most fighters could never fathom the thought of containing. The other a promising young champion with a ceiling as high as those in the cathedrals of the Renaissance Era.

Watch >>> <a href="http://mayweathervscanelo.livefightstream.com/">http://mayweathervscanelo.livefightstream.com/</a>

49 million

That's Money's guarantee. It probably goes well into the 5 figures, if not 6 figures, for a commercial establishment to carry it.

Maybe it KC they can get away with a priated signal, but in the city the fight is happening in? Doubted.

i have tickets still

These prices are def better then what my website can offer. But if you want to see it live go to www.mytrip2vegas.com and get your tickets to fight before tickets are gone. Some Vegas bars might show the fight bit it won't be free.