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Hit A Royal Flush, Win $25K.. It's (Almost) That Easy At Station Casinos

August 26, 2013 at 12:45 PM | by | ()

One of several Station Casinos. Or, at least the fountain of one.

Off-strip casino conglomerate Station Casinos has long been home to various promotions over the years, including their poker Bad Beat Jackpot and the (sorely missed) casino-wide Jumbo Jackpot. Now, the Station Casinos poker rooms are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their newest promotion, the Royal Flush Bonus by upping the ante.

Here's how the pre-amped up bonus works for all live-action Texas Hold 'Em games:

Beginning each Tuesday at noon, Royal Flushes of all four suits (Clubs, Spades, Diamonds and Hearts) are eligible for the money. As each suit hits, it is removed from jackpot eligibility until the following week. The first three players to hit a still-eligible Royal Flush each win $5,000. If a fourth player hits the last eligible Royal for that week, he or she wins $10,000.

With us so far? Each suit can only win the jackpot once per week and players must hold two of the Royal Flush making cards in their hand, including an Ace. What happens if Diamonds doesn't come up one week, you ask? Great question! That jackpot rolls over to the next week and gets $5,000 or $10,000 added to it. The largest payout, so far after rolling over several weeks in a row, $120,000.

Why show a pic of a Royal Flush, when we can show a pic of the Royal Flush Girls?

As mentioned, Stations is celebrating one year of teasing tons of cash for that elusive royal. How does a casino sing happy birthday to a jackpot? By making the promotion even bigger, of course. If all four Royals pay out in any given week, a fifth Royal Flush Bonus of $25,000 is added. The catch is that the winning player must have both the Ace and King in their hand.

Confused? If we didn't blow our budget on downtown drinks and night vision goggles we'd make a fancy decision tree to make sure you're all caught up. Instead, follow along each question below until at any point you answer no. Then stop and go tell us about your first big win:

· Do you play live poker?
· Are you playing Texas Hold 'Em at a Station Casino Poker Room?
· Did you hit a Royal Flush?
· Do you have an Ace in your hand?
· Do you also have another Royal Flush card in your hand?
· Are you the first to hit that suit since Tuesday at noon?
· You win at least $5,000!
· Is your suit the fourth and last eligible suit to hit this week?
· You win at least $10,000!
· Have all four suits already hit this week?
· Do you have the Ace and King in your hand?
· You win at least $25,000!
· Are you still in doubt?
· Please see the poker room manager.

Station Casino's anniversary fifth Royal Flush Bonus is only temporary, however doesn't yet have an end date. There are smaller payouts if the Royal of your suit has already hit, but rather than sweat all the details, just go play poker. Good luck! If you play and win, don't forget there's a finder's fee or something. E-mail us and we'll tell you where to send the check.

[Photos: Jeanne M.; PokerRaptor ]

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