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O'Sheas News That Will Blow Your Mind

Where: 89109
January 15, 2014 at 1:45 PM | by | ()

After December's triumphant return of O'Sheas to Las Vegas, @jturoff1 on Twitter asked if we thought execs would expand it into the neighboring Quad casino if it was a runaway success.

We thought not due to the configuration of the (pretty intimate) space -- there are bars taking up most of the venue's primary walls -- but said it wouldn't be impossible, either. And, guess what? It's not. Because it is happening. O'Sheas will be expanding. But, not into The Quad, into The Linq.

Our @sammasseur dropped into O'Sheas for a drink (or two) last night and talked to a staff member who said the lease for the restaurant that was to flank its other side at The Linq fell through and that O'Sheas would be taking over the space and using the kitchen to provide a full-service restaurant to guests.

Chayo Mexican Kitchen can be found on the west side of O'Sheas at the Linq but we're not certain which restaurant had been planned for the east side. Our source didn't happen to know the answer to that, either. We're thinking it could be The Stomping Grape or Off The Strip, both had been previously announced as Linq tenants, but have gone unmentioned for quite some time now.

As for an opening date, we don't have one right now, but expect an expanded O'Sheas would debut with the remainder of the outdoor mall. That should start next month and run through March.

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Archived Comments:

Quad to O'Sheas

When all of this was first announced years ago I said that they should remodel and re-theme the entire Imperial Palace into O'Sheas. Turn Imperial Palace into an Irish theme hotel and casino. Bring in an Irish Dance/Music troupe(Riverdance)as the main entertainment. This would have been far better than The Quad.

Why the hate....

I think the Quad is a great new casino. The layout is good, the staff friendly and a nice modern look. I like the new Quad and spend a lot of time their when in Vegas. Can't wait to see their remodeled rooms.

Much improved but.....

Chuckyb221 has a great idea.

The best idea to come down the pike in many years!

The restructuring/destruction of the previous O'Shea's was hard to watch...chuckyb221 had an excellent idea that should have been considered years ago when he/she wrote it...do execs (or their admins/marketing gurus) ever read Vegas Chatter?  If not, they sure missed the boat on this one.  Just think of the many money-making St. Paddy's day events that have slipped through their fingers, so far.  I've always wondered why hotel and casino execs don't ask the general public (especially those who stay with them) how they might change things up...before they start tearing things down.  Opportunity lost, means dollars lost in Vegas! So sad, too bad.