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A Sweet Stay At Suncoast

Where: 9090 Alta Drive [map], 89145
January 21, 2014 at 3:06 PM | by | ()

Unlike the megaresorts on The Strip, hotels operated by Boyd can easily go unnoticed by Vegas visitors. Sure, you may have ventured into The Cal or Fremont while exploring Downtown Vegas, but you probably havenít even heard of many of their stand-alone locations. Are you familiar with The Orleans or Gold Coast? Youíre way ahead of most. How about Samís Town? The Eldorado? Theyíre a little tougher. And, unless youíve ever trekked northwest to Summerlin, you probably havenít heard the name Suncoast. Even many Las Vegas residents arenít acquainted with the localís casino. In order to pull in visitors who may not have transportation, Suncoast offers a free airport shuttle. That service, and a low $49.99 rate, caught this writerís interest and prompted a recent stay.

Suncoast managed to have me smiling even before I made it to the lobby. Upon entering, I spotted an increasingly rare treat, a cart full of sweets. After seeing candy carts disappear last year, I took it as a sign of good fortune.

There was no line at check in. I found this surprising because I arrived during CES, one of the busiest times of the year. Staff were friendly and quick, although they neglected to mention the $9.99 resort fee as my credit card was swiped. While I knew about the charge in advance, I could see disputes arising with uninformed guests if this is standard procedure. I made my way across the casino floor towards the elevators. Table minimums were low; I spotted $5 blackjack and 25-cent roulette.

The sixth floor hallway appeared in order, nothing dirty or damaged. I entered my room and was immediately surprised with the size of the double vanity bathroom. The marble counters and gold fixtures were tasteful, but felt a bit dated. The toilet and shower were separated in their own room, along with a phone that I didnít dare touch. I found the shower appointed with a spacious tub, curved shower bar, and attractive tile. If Suncoast had gone the extra mile and installed a better showerhead, this would have been one of the nicest standard bathrooms in Vegas.

I found the remainder of the room equally impressive. Floor-to-ceiling windows that spanned the width of the room grabbed my attention as they revealed a beautiful view of the pool, golf course, and mountains beyond. The pool was closed for the season, yet the view alone was enough to make me want to return this summer.

While the roomís furnishings didnít stand out in any manner, all appeared clean and were in fine condition. The queen beds were comfortable and were positioned alongside a reclined chair and lamp, all across from a flat screen TV. The red and brown colors throughout the room reminded me of Harrahís, although this room was maintained better than any room I have seen in a Caesars property.

Lamps in the room didnít contain the built-in power outlets many newer hotels offer. Instead, both the desk and table beside the window were positioned near wall outlets. Suncoastís fast WiFi service was included in the resort fee.

At 550 square feet, Suncoastís basic rooms are some of the most spacious in the city. With reasonable rates and low table minimums, Suncoast is a great option for those willing to stay off Strip.

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Good article

Another good article that explores the unknown stays off the Strip.. Keep up the good work!


They have a pretty good deal on Dinner+Movies+Bowling too. Free game and half off dinner with two movie ticket purchases i think

Did you visit the casino area?

I notice no comment was made on the Heavy smell of smoke throughout the casino and the very high percentage of old seniors that visit the property with their bad attitudes.  I think visitors so also be aware of the negatives to a property as well as just the looks.

The dealers also are about the most unfriendly of any of the local properties as well.  

Lets give everyone a full review of the property  


I did not have the opportunity to play during this trip, so my time in the casino was limited to when I was passing through.  That said, I didn't notice the smoke.  Suncoast opened in 2000 and I assume they installed a decent air filtration system.  The ceilings are high and the area pretty open, which also helps disperse any smoke.