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There's Not Much To Relish At The Spread

Where: 206 N. 3rd Street [map], 89101
January 27, 2014 at 8:33 PM | by | ()

Many voices, one journey. The newest contributor to the VegasChatter family, 3brothers, has more than the normal amount to say. And, that's the way we like it! Hailing from Chicago, Las Vegas has been home for many a year now. A lot of it has been explored, but always up for a new adventure, 3brothers' first post dishes the real deal on downtown's newest deli. We're excited to add the new viewpoint to the site!

Arriving at The Spread Sports Book and Deli at Downtown Grand, there was a lot to take in: 16 televisions, a quaint sports book, and a small take-and-(mostly) go deli counter.

The carpet is plaid and the decor is a mix between a 1950s bowling alley concessions stand and a modern diner. There was a steady flow of downtown characters watching an NBA game in the smoky sports book, but no one was eating in the deli. An outgoing chef, who also worked as the cashier and waiter, suggested the Beefeater, a hot roast beef sandwich smothered in dijonnaise and provolone. It was ordered as well as a Reuben, Kosher Hot Dog, Chicken Noodle Soup, and a Farmers Market Salad for the rest of the group.

Waiting for our order, we noticed that no one in the sports book was eating, but the place was full of NBA fans. The book sits six tables with two seats each and the back is has about 10 tall chairs. Since the area is shared, people smoke and it drifts into the deli which wasn't enjoyable. One of the lighted globes above the deli was already missing. The crowd here was older and no one under the age of 35.

The server/chef/cashier forgot all three of our drinks and the salad came last for some reason. Our sandwiches were served room temperature to warm at best. The Spread is reminiscent of old Vegas quality in a revamped location. It seems this spot would be best if drunk or hungover. It reminded us of the Victorian Room at the now extinct Bill's Gambling Hall. Glad to have tried The Spread, this VegasChatter member will not be returning. Below, you will find our reaction to each item, scored based on the Netflix rating system -- zero to five stars. No halfies.

Beefeater: Hot roast beef, provolone cheese, dijonnaise on French bread with au jus, $9. The restaurant favorite was decent with a warm crispy bun, but the beef was cold. ★★

Reuben: Hot corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, grilled on rye, $9. The Reuben was the only respectable sandwich. ★★★

Chicken Noodle Soup: Chicken, noodles, celery, carrots, and broth, $4. The soup tasted like it was out of a can and the presentation cheap lacking. ★★

Kosher Hot Dog: Steamed all-beef hot dog, sauerkraut, relish, $5. The hot dog was decent, but regular-sized in comparison to the giant bun. Would have liked to see more beef. ★★

Farmers Market Salad: "Fresh" cut vegetables, mixed salad greens, almond and pineapple tidbits, $8. There was nothing fresh about this salad. It seemed more like a $4 side salad. ★★

Total: ★★ out of ★★★★★

The Spread Sports Book and Deli could make some improvements and we would like to see it. Downtown is blossoming and a good deli would flourish in the area. The Spread at Downtown Grand is open 24/7.

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Archived Comments:

review looks better than the food

I am surprised that in one of the culinary capitals of the country, one would get food like this..even at a sports bar.
They need to try harder.The sandwiches look ok but the soup and salad needs some help.

Just OK

I finally made it to the Grand.  It took a while to finally get there as each time in the past I tried to go parking was pretty challenging and wasn't about to pay to park at the city lot.  The place looked pretty good but no energy or gambling action.  Felt like an LA hotel rather than a casino.  We did eat and was not impressed with the food at all, and even less impressed by the hospitality we received.  Probably won't go back as we did not feel as though our business was appreciated.  Good luck Grand.

Clock ticking

The management of the DTG need to wake up. You can't run a business on looks alone, especially considering your looks will deteriorate quickly (light already broken!?). The gambling sucks, the food sucks, the beer definitely sucks.. how much suck can you cram into a joint before you become The Quad?

Schorr should have his

buddy Wynn send in some of his people to bring the food and other aspects of the property up to standard. Personally, my fave place to eat Downtown is the Cal's coffee-shop.

Food Is Awful

Had dinner here a few weeks ago because of the locals deal they had. We decided to eat at Stewart + Ogden. First, after being seated we waited almost five minutes for someone to take out drink order. The place wasn't busy, maybe four or five tables filled. The appetizers we got were okay. Then came dinner and it was all downhill. Two friends ordered the 8oz filet mignon. The filet was no where close to 8 oz, maybe 5-6 oz. The manager said it was from shrinkage during cooking. With a table of culinary and hospitality experts we knew that the filet was undersized. He took it back to ask the chef. He then came back and told us we were right and they were about to change to a new menu and had a new chef who thought they had already changed over to a 7 oz filet on the new menu. Good story to cover your butts. One of those with the filet had gotten fries and they came cold to the table. Because of the filet issue they offered us free deserts. We ordered the cheese cake and creme brulee. The cheesecake tasted like it had freezer burn, and the creme brulee was very dense and the caramelized sugar was overdone. I would not eat at any restaurant at the Downtown Grand in the future.


Dang sorry to hear. We wish it was a better experience we are pulling for the Grand!


The sandwiches were just okay, but for the pricing and descriptions we would have liked a good soup and salad vs a bla soup and salad.

Food and Bev

At this point before they get into a hole that they can't climb out of they need to make some major changes in their food and beverage department.

Hire a cashier

I was there around opening day and grabbed some breakfast from The Spread. The cool was scrambling to serve just two people because he had to take the orders, take the money and then cook the food. They should hire at least one more person. The place has potential!


Not "cool." iPhone mistake.


We agree! If there was another person the cook/cashier wouldn't have forgotten our 3 drinks.

Cutting the wrong corners

Seems like they are cutting the wrong costs and people are noticing very quickly. To have the cashier be a cook requires a very talented person and a simple menu along with high pay. Even a food truck owner knows they are either the cook or the cashier. If a food truck owner can afford to hire help surely a million dollar casino can afford to hire two people.

They probably took a note from Wynn and thought it was best to not sublease any of the restaurant space, but even Wynn started with other operators at the beginning. Bring in operators that know what they are doing and how to cook a steak and make a simple French Dip.