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New Total Rewards Bonus Points Available

January 7, 2014 at 7:45 PM | by | ()

Last year at this time, Caesars Entertainment confirmed some major changes to its Total Rewards players club. Nobody was particularly happy with the largest players club in America. At the same time, people rolled with the punches as benefits continue to decrease at all players clubs. While the changes required more points to reach higher tier levels, they also brought bonus credits:

*Earn 500 Tier Credits in one day and receive an additional 125 Tier Credit bonus
*Earn 1,000 Tier Credits in one day and receive an additional 1,000 Tier Credit bonus
*Earn 2,500 Tier Credits in one day and receive an additional 5,000 Tier Credit bonus

Never content to go an entire year without changing its players club, Caesars Entertainment decided to add to the bonuses you can earn this year:

*Earn 5,000 Tier Credits in one day and receive an additional 10,000 Tier Credit bonus

In addition, Caesars Entertainment brought the once “secret” Diamond In A Day public. Earning 5,000 Tier Credits in one day will give you immediate Diamond status. You can still earn Platinum status in one day by earning 2,500 points in one day.

Earning credits hasn’t changed so you’ll still be playing under the same rules and bonuses will cost the same amount as they would in the past.

Slot Machines: 1 Reward Credit per $5 played
Video Poker: 1 Reward Credit per $10 played
Shopping, Dining, Hotel, Leisure: 1 Reward Credit per $5 spent
Table Games: “Reward Credits are earned based on the type of table game you are playing, your average bet and how long you play.”

Diamond In A Day and Platinum In A Day will cost a pretty penny so these awards aren't for just anyone.

Archived Comments:

Platinum vs. Diamond

First off let me just say, I think the bonus points are skewed.  If you notice, you only get 125 if you earn 500, but if you earn 1,000 you get 500...shouldn't it be if you earn 500, you get 250...but I digress.

When I go to Atlantic City or Vegas, I'm usually going with my mom.  We both have players cards with Caesars, and we are both platinum.  So the last time I was in AC, I was at Showboat and went to Total Rewards and asked them, for perks, what is better, two platinums or one diamond.  Because if you think about it,   a platinum is 5,000 a diamond is 12,000.  

My mom and I play on each others cards to help keep our platinum status,  so we figured maybe we should just play on one and get the Diamond status.  The person at TR told me a diamond card...although all of the comps and bene's would be for that one person.  So my mom and I are going to try it this year and play on my card only.  We will see what happens.


Ermago - I think you are better off playing on the same card to reach Diamond.  My boyfriend doesn't gamble but he enjoys all the perks I get with my Diamond card because everything is always +1.  For instance, I get 2 free show tix a month in Vegas, I get to bring someone with me to the Diamond Lounge and I get free rooms and he gets to stay in them!  Keep in mind that the person who's name is on the Diamond card will always need to be present to get perks.  Good luck!  

I would love...

... to do Diamond in a day, if only I had the dough! Sit me down at a $5 VP game at Gustav's Bar at Paris and I'd be as happy as a clam all day. One of the many things I'd do with a sudden influx of cash...

Founders Card

After getting spoiled by the Diamond "perks" the past few years, I failed to qualify this year.  Instead of dropping a load of cash into the machines to re-qualify, I joined Founders Card.  

One of the benefits of Founders Card is you're automatically Total Rewards Diamond!  It took only 3 weeks to see my online status change from Gold to Diamond!  

Interested?  Use my referral code FCROBERT815 for a preferred invite at: https://founderscard.com/membership?code=FCROBERT815