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MGM Resorts Want You To Be Plugged In

February 10, 2014 at 9:26 PM | by | ()

The Strip may be ablaze in lights each night, but that doesn't mean its resorts aren't interested in being as green as MGM Grand's glowing facade.

Las Vegas' gaming giants have been building greener and recycling more while finding ways to save water and energy for years now. In 2013, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign went solar while Mandalay Bay began constructing one of the world's largest solar panel arrays. And, for 2014, Vegas is charging forward with even more green initiatives.

Later this week, MGM Resorts will announce its intent to offer the state of Nevada's largest installation of charging stations for electric cars. There will be 27 on the Vegas Strip. If you're fluent in geek, here's what they'll offer:

Drivers will be able to access real-time information about the ChargePoint CT4000 EV Charging Stations via a mobile application, which shows whether a station is open; the percentage of charge on the vehicle; when the vehicle is fully charged, and when a charging nozzle has been removed. These chargers are equipped with two Level 2 charging ports supplying up to 7.2 kW, full motion color LCD display and a robust cord retraction system. All units will have the industry standard SAE J1772 charging ports.

If your eyes are re-focusing now, just know that the stations will be located within the valets and garages of nine MGM Resorts properties -- Circus Circus Reno will receive two as well -- and all will be free to use.

To learn more about what Vegas resorts are doing to be green, check out these sites:

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Archived Comments:


Problem with the Aria/Crystals location is that on weekends, Valet constantly parks cars in the plug in spot and refuse to move them when you ask, since they park the pricer cars (Bentley, Maserat, etc)i there instead.  And mandalay the chargers are only working half the time (they've gotten better over the last few months) and with the Venetian, normal cars park in the charging spots. (they need to put a sign that says "EV cars only, others will be towed").

Free ride

I love how all of these chargers are free now but I wonder when the free ride will end? At some point they have to start charging for this free electricity right?


Joshrocker, they aren't wasting much money, the chargers and installs are tax write offs, not to mention its free PR. And for costs, my car on dead empty cost me $3 to charge up to 100%, and most people are probably showing up with at least a charge of 50-70%, so your talking about $1.00 out of pocket from the casinos (which is off course again a tax write off). And if I go to the casinos that have chargers like the one at Mandalay Bay, I'm going there to waste money, or eat at their restaurants. So $1.00 is what it costs them to sway me from going to another another casino that doesn't have a charger. (which works), so personally I think they'll always have them which is why MGM wants to expand. (I didn't want to go to the Primm outlet for a while because my Cayenne sucks gas down quickly, but after a bunch of EV owners asked enough and now they have a charger at the casino across from the outlet, so now ill drive my Focus EV out there as it doesn't cost me a penny to get there).


I didn't realize it was so cheap to charge a car from zero. I can definitely see the incentive for them then.  I live too far from work personally to make an electric car realistic for me yet. I am very interested in one and look forward to when the technology improves.

Weak charging?

Those are very low power chargers.  They should be 20 kW.

Weak charging and better location

As stated above  these should be at least 30 or 40 kW chargers.

Location needs to be in hotel valet.  Otherwise the spots get ICE'd or people leave there fully charged EV on the spot for days and others can't access. At least with valet you can have some control and scheduling .

Also question above , as to is it worth it.  Guess what people, are doing while charging at a casino? Gambling, staying at hotel, eating at hotel.  In other words, they are spending money!! And much more than a $8 charge is costing the casino.  It is very smart.  SoCal has one of the biggest markets for Tesla's and many drive to Vegas and need a place to stay and charge in order to get back to supercharger in Barstow.