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In-Room Coffee Is On The Way Out At The D, Golden Gate

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February 24, 2014 at 9:27 PM | by | ()

At the D, guests who can't function without that morning cup of java will now need to head downstairs to grab some, or bring their own coffeemaker.

We've confirmed that the downtown hotel is removing all of its in-room Keurig machines and that there are no plans to replace them with something else right now. Guests will need to head to D Grill or McDonald's to get their caffeine fix if they don't want to bring a travel coffeemaker with them to Vegas.

Sister hotel, the Golden Gate, is also removing its Keurigs. If you're staying here, you'll need to head to Du-Par's.

A rep says the machines were offered as a courtesy, but that the pods were always fee-based and not included in the $20 resort fees. (The pods were being sold at $2.50 each.)

The only downtown property to offer coffee as part of its resort fee is the Downtown Grand.

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Archived Comments:

Free at Queens

The 4 Queens still has coffee makers and free coffee in guest rooms.


Any idea what they are going to do with the Keurig machines?


No, sorry.


Monte Carlo still has these machines in their rooms, for "free".  

By the way, what is going on that photos?  Starbucks coffee, but a Tully's place mat.  Maybe I just notice because I'm from Seattle...


And they still don't charge a resort fee!

Golden Nugget

We always stay at the Golden Nugget and bring our own K-Cups.  :-)


They probably weren't making any money off them as everyone probably brought their own K-Cups

What happens?

What happens to all these machines? Who buys them? Or are they given away? I guess if some LV motel suddenly starts offering Kuerig than we know what happened.

Bye bye K-Crack!

There is yet to be a casino/hotel with a specialty coffee program in Vegas. I doubt there is one property that roasts it's own beans. Sad because for the cost to administer this program The D could have set itself above the fray with a great cafe and in room coffee program that would ravel the competition.