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All-You-Can-Fly Private Air Service Coming To Vegas

February 26, 2014 at 3:17 PM | by | ()

An all-you-can-fly private air service is hoping to take off in Vegas on March 21.

Surf Air, which bills itself as the nation's first private membership airline, hopes to add Las Vegas as their newest destination in less than a month's time (pending government approval). The airline launched in 2013 and currently offers service between the LA, San Fran, and Santa Barbara areas. If all goes as planned, service to the Lake Tahoe area will begin in May with an expansion into Monterey, San Diego, Sacramento, and the Sonoma/Napa area to follow.

The members only club offers personal and business flying plans. We looked at the personal plans for an idea of pricing. First, it should be stated that all-you-can-fly depends on all-you-can-pay. It takes two "flight passes" for a round-trip booking so patrons need to decide how many they'd like to be down for as part of a monthly fee. You can only hold as many flights as you have passes for; however, once used, those passes can be reused for a new booking. Two flight passes are billed at a monthly charge of $1,350 right now (there's also a one-time fee of $500 for new members), but that price will increase to $1,599 once Vegas is in the mix. Want more passes? Four, six or eight pass memberships are available for purchase, too, at tiered pricing plans. It's also possible to add friends and family, too.

Surf Air plans to offer weekend service between Vegas and LA (non-stop from McCarran to both Burbank and Hawthorne) with connecting flights to the Bay area (San Carlos). The airline promises travelers will receive instant check-in, complimentary snacks and beverages, and no luggage fees.

For more info, visit their website or call 888.704.2582.

And, one more Vegas connection for Surf Air? Venture Beat says Tony Hsieh is an investor.

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