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No Lies: Guns N' Roses Residency Returning This Spring

February 4, 2014 at 4:43 PM | by | ()

Back in December, Guns N' Roses fan site MyGnrForum reported on rumors that the band was planning a follow-up to their successful 2012 Vegas residency at the Hard Rock. A few days ago, the Guns N' Roses Facebook page started teasing confirmation of a Spring 2014 return via pics of poster and billboard announcements.

As instructed, we've texted 'GNR' to 97580, but haven't received any details yet on what the spring will bring. Unfortunately, that's all we gots for now. So, while we know where you are and sort of when, the how long and exactly has yet to be released to a jungle of fans.

We glossed over the elephant in the room back in December, but it's worth touching on now. Yes, this isn't "the" Guns N' Roses we plastered the walls of our teen years with. Yes, Slash's licks will always define GnR for us. Yes, the post-original lineup era included several very bad years of disastrous shows. And, Buckethead. But, as we near 15 years post-Slash, Duff, and Matt, at what point do we move on and give up on the improbable reunion?

For us it was the December 31, 2011 pre-residency show at the Joint. For the first time in the new-GnR era, Axl had his chops back and the Bumblefoot lineup sounded like a band rather than an Axl Rose-led cover band. Guns N' Roses is no longer the legendary band we like to remember, but it is one we've finally come to accept. And, one that after a decade-plus of Axl's tinkering, we're willing to pay to see again. Even if we may close our eyes and picture that black tophat riffing off the openings of every Appetite song.

[Photo: Guns N Roeses]

Archived Comments:


Surprised that Slash would allow Axel to use the name GUNS AND ROSES.He must be getting a piece of the action.


Axl's owned the GnR name for years (Read here) and is why he's been able to tour under that name for over a decade now without Slash and the gang.  

Mayaaaabe someday...a guy can still hope?