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Checking Out The New Bond At Cosmo

Where: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
February 7, 2014 at 12:19 PM | by | ()

There was a day where it could be said that the Cosmopolitan didnít get gamblers. It may be still be true that they donít get gamblers, but itís no secret the Cosmo has been trying to acquire gamblers. Over the past year, theyíve been making small tweaks to their casino marketing to draw in more gamblers to supplement their bottom line. One of the more drastic changes to the casino is with Bond Bar.

The Cosmo has copious bars throughout the property making it a favorite place for many to stop, relax and grab a drink. However, gamblers (like this guy) would drop $10 for a drink and head to a casino elsewhere. Thatís no longer necessary as Bond has gone from being just a loud Strip-side bar to being a loud Strip-side bar with video poker and table games.

Bond is still the same bar near the Strip with DJs and loud music (GOML), but now they offer video poker with compíd drinks. Since they serve good quality spirits (Belvedere for the vodka drinkers) this is a nice option for video poker players to sit and relax for a while. The gaming doesnít stop here. The most drastic change to the area is the removal of the lounge area and the addition of a table gaming pit with all-female dealers exposing lots of cleavage. There is a little platform for go-go dancers to shake their thang.

The Blackjack is low limits ($10 or $15) and pays 6:5 for blackjack like most other low limits games on the Vegas Strip. There is also Roulette and War, but no Craps (boo). The Bond gaming area isnít always open, but itís almost always crowded just after dealers arrive. Bond really is a gateway to drawing gamblers into the Cosmo. The 16 LED gaming tables are striking and easy on the eyes.

The transformation of Bond is a good use of the space and easily accessible from the Strip. If you want the laid-back, fancy Cosmo experience, head inside to the original casino areas. If you want to party like youíre in a souped up Planet Hollywood, you can play 10 seconds from the Vegas Strip at the new Bond gaming area.

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Archived Comments:

Great New Space

I'll always have a soft spot for Cosmo, it was the first casino I stepped into on my first Vegas trip, and on my second spin on quarters I hit $380.

I generally hang out at the Henry bar right across from Bond, and the new space at Bond is really hopping on weekends. The dancers, the live music...there's nothing like the atmosphere of the Cosmo on a weekend night.


Maybe if they (or any strip casino) wants gamblers, they should return to the "olden" days of 3:2 blackjack, lower mins, more frequent drink service, more liberal comps not tied to player's cards, etc.  if they want more hotel guests [to play] return to no resort fees, spa comps..basically the Vegas of 15+ years ago. It seemed to work fine back then--it built the city!

I would love playing on the strip and not going to "locals" joints if they acted more like the locals joints.  Now, I've even started staying off- strip too!

They did it to themselves!

There are a few 3:2 BJ tables

Most tables are 6:5 but there are 3 or 4 tables that are 3:2.   I was there a few weeks ago and loved new Bond area.   As matter of principle, I never play 6:5.

3:2 and Table Limits

Concur with ReligiousWacko that there are some 6 deck shoe 3:2 games particularly the table on the end closest to the strip on the southern row of tables.

Also, I was there on Mon Jan 6 at night...tables were $10-$15. Popped back in on Wed, Jan 8 at night and the mins were $50 - $100!!!

It was CES, but I would bet we'd see similar mins on weekends.