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The High Roller: Expected Opening, How Much, And Hours Of Operation

February 5, 2014 at 8:09 PM | by | ()

From vision...

2.24 Update: Murphy's Law has struck. The High Roller is still undergoing testing and has not yet received approval to open. We'll let you know when new information surfaces.

Remember when we said we had no idea when The High Roller observation wheel would debut nor how much it would cost? Well, that was so yesterday. Mainly, because it was really yesterday. Today, however, is a different story.

We're about 99.9% sure we've uncovered the opening weekend, how much tickets will cost and the exact times you can board what will be the world's largest observation wheel.

First, when? Answer: Beginning March 1, officially at least. A soft opening is not unexpected, though, as the second phase of The Linq -- the outdoor mall between Flamingo and The Quad that will play host to The High Roller -- should reveal itself February 28.

Okay, how much? Answer: Tickets will be sold at three levels -- Early Bird ($25), Twilight Flight ($30) and Night Owl ($35). No word yet on a discount for Total Rewards members. Nor, on when they will go on sale. What causes the change in price, you ask? The time you want to ride. Which brings us to...

What are the hours? The High Roller will open each day at 10 a.m. Purchase a ticket between then and 2 p.m. to ride as an early bird for $25. Want to ride later in the day? Ride from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. for $30 as a twilight lover. Even later? Climb aboard from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. for $35 to be a night owl.

Passengers will board every 15 minutes. Each cabin (of which there are 28) will hold 40 passengers. The ride itself will take 30 minutes to complete. And, no, there are no restrooms aboard and there's only seating for about a dozen within each pod. So, everyone will need to hit the restroom beforehand and wear comfortable shoes, just in case.

The High Roller is 550 feet tall, eclipsing the famed London Eye as the world's tallest wheel.

...to reality.

Archived Comments:


Any word on how boarding will work? Will you get a reserved time once you buy your ticket or will you have to wait in line the whole time?


Tickets can be pre-purchased for a specific time and, from what I understand, there will be multiple ways to buy, from online to hotel box offices as well as at The Linq.

Boarding interval and trip times

How can people board every 15 minutes if the ride takes 30 mins?

 If they load/unload each pod as it reaches the bottom, there should be a load/unload every minute or so if it takes 30mins to do a full revolution. If they let it rotate non-stop for 30mins and then unload each pod, the people in the pod that just passed the bottom are going to be waiting a LONG time to go all the way around to be unloaded.

Priced Too High

Once the novelty wears off, I'd be surprised to see those prices sustained.


I actually never considered that it would be tiered pricing. I don't see them changing it myself. I do see Total Rewards discounts and group pricing, though.


The reservation time is the time for you to show up, rather than the time you get on the wheel. The wheel will rotate continuously, loading one pod at a time. In case you're worried about not being able to step on while it moves, by my number crunching it works out to 0.62 miles an hour, a little less than a foot per second.


Don't think so...

I think your contact needs to give you a refund... LOL!

Way too expensive!

The pricing will essentially keep locals away and the average tourist. I can't see paying $25-$35 for a 30 minute ride around the wheel. I'll wait until there's a Groupon or they lower the price.

Will the novelty wear off?

I doubt it. 40 million visitors per year. 16 percent, or 6.5 million, are 1st timers. The novelty isn't going to wear off.

Further, the London Eye's cheapest ticketis 20 pounds, or an equivalent of 32 dollars.

Seriously, what did people think this was going to cost? 9.95?

Question...on the Views

Did they do any helicopter testing to see if the views are even that great? Usually when they build hi-rise condos in New York, Chicago, Dubai, etc. they has a helicopter simulate what the view will be from each floor.  

I haven't been to Vegas lately but isn't there a lot of buildings / view obstructions going on in the back of these hotels?

Anyone know if the VIEWS WILL BE AMAZING or just OKAY?

40 people in each cabin?

No thanks! Sounds more like a rush-hour subway car!

Once people see it on the news

I bet they'll want to try it at least once on their  Vegas vacations. For free-spending Strip tourists and conventioneers on corporate expense-accounts I doubt if the price will make much of a difference.

40 people?

Just because full maximum capacity is 40 people I hope they arnt really going to try to pack in 40 people per cabin.

My guess is the view will be ok from the top half which is like only 15 minutes of the ride. The other 15 minutes on the bottom half you will get a good view of the hotel rooms of the flamingo and the quad

Price is Fine

If you examine the price in the context of Las Vegas, you'll realize it's not expensive. A 90-minute show can easily cost $150 or more. Entry into night clubs also costs an excessive amount.

Even things that are cheap in the "real world" aren't cheap in Vegas. A combo meal from a fast food joint in a food court can easily be $15. A regular coffee typically prices out at $4. Heck, even public transportation is wildly expensive. It costs $6 to take the bus on the Strip.

Vegas used to be cheap!

$2.99 steaks, free drinks while at the penny slots, free room upgrades, free lion shows, free pirate shows, no resort fees, all kinds of cool stuff. This is less than ten years ago!

$25 for London may seem reasonable but for Vegas it should seriously be more like $18.99 or something.  Going up the Empire State Blg coss $27 but that is NYC.  

Vegas needs to be cheaper if it wants to attract visitors.  


High Rollers will be able to ride the High Roller for free

Can't Wait to Ride

Checked TicketMaster they will offer tickets, the site said test, but I went through the whole thing,  and stopped at CC confirmation. It is tiered pricing...


You can get a $8 24hr bus ticket rather then a $6 for 2 hour. You can find cheaper coffee unless you must  have coffee at the Bellagio. If you dont act like a tourist, prices are not that bad. I think the price for the High Roller is fine we will be there in March...

How Hot?

The London Eye is one of my favorite things ever, but I worry there just won't be enough to see while someone is on the High Roller, at least to maintain the interest in repeat visits. (I mean of course, I'll try it once.)

Also, how are these windows being treated for the sun? Will you need to slap on some sunscreen?


is it Wheelchair accessible? I'm sure it has to be ADA compliant.