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This is Now When We Can Expect Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen to Open

Where: 89109
March 22, 2014 at 1:09 PM | by | ()

Slamma jamma, ramma lamma, ding dong! It's about to go down. Why don't you take me to Flavortown! If that makes any sense and appeals to you at all, you've likely been waiting for the debut of Guy's Vegas Kitchen from hotshot celebrity chef Guy Fieri at The Quad.

While "April" is plastered all over the restaurant's construction walls, VegasChatter might be able to offer a more specific date as to when Guy will gass up the bus to Flavortown. Holy moly, Stromboli batman!


Word is that's the date The Quad expects to begin dishing out flame shirt-inspired food. Of course, that may not include a soft opening nor account for any unexpected construction delays. When it does debut, Guy's Vegas Kitchen will be open nearly round the clock with service from breakfast through late night.

Of course, if in-your-face pronunciation is more up your celebrity alley, Giada's (hopefully) double-delish restaurant is still on track for a May opening at The Cromwell.

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Archived Comments:

This is just

Money!! I'll get my tips frosted, put my sunglasses on the back of my head and see you there.

He really missed a chance here.

Perfect opportunity to call the place "Flavor Town," and he muffs it.

Pass. Too many good places to eat in town for me to waste any taste buds on this guido.

Don't Bother

I recently attended a reception at his Times Square restaurant. Some of the worst stuff I've ever eaten.

For a laugh, take a look at the New York Times review of that joint:
<a href="http://nyti.ms/1hjNRwW">http://nyti.ms/1hjNRwW</a>


Won't pay $$$ to eat at a restaurant run by a tv personality that is also a chef.
If you are in Vegas, are a famous chef, and want me to eat at your restaurant you had better have a few Michelin stars under your belt, not just Emmy's or People's Choice awards. Looking at you too Giada.

roger that

Guy Fieri had a restaurant around the corner from where I used to live, Tex Wasabi's in Sacramento, later changed to Johnny Garlic.  When it was Tex Wasabi's we went to check it out because we liked his tv show.  The place bore absolutely no resemblance to any diner, drive in, or dive he had ever visited on tv. The restaurant had all the charm of a TGI Friday's and the food was a combination of BBQ and sushi, which tasted about as good as that sounds (Lousy that is) and it was expensive too.  I really don't understand people - they were lining up around the corner to get in.  All I wanted to do was leave.

Now we are booked on a Carnival cruise and we find out they are replacing their show musicians with photos of Guy Fieri.  Not sure what this world is coming to.

Anyways, if you want to eat at his restaurant, don't let me stop you.  But I'll be enjoying myself elsewhere.

Makes sense

that he's opening a resto, at The Quad.