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A Room Reservation By Phone? There's Now A $10 Fee For That

March 25, 2014 at 2:07 PM | by | ()

There are probably not that many people that reserve hotel rooms by phone, anymore. And, when it comes securing reservations in Las Vegas, there will be even less.

VegasChatter reader Ken R. informed us that a new fee has popped up on the websites for MGM Resorts' properties. It's a $10 fee for phone reservations. Instead, website visitors are urged to "avoid" it by booking online. We found the fee cited on the websites of Bellagio, MGM Grand, Luxor, Excalibur, New York-New York, and The Mirage.

Web reservation aren't a hassle for someone who was already online in the first place. But, what if someone doesn't have access and chooses to let their fingers do the walking the old-fashioned way? An August 2013 article by theverge.com reports that only 2 percent of Americans can't get internet access, but 20 percent choose not to." For them, the fee could mean a decision to spend their vacation dollars elsewhere.

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Hourly wages

I've noticed that in America, companies are finding that the only way to increase profits is to cut costs of employment. So, here we are seeing the consumer being charged with paying the salary, outside of the standard hotel fees, of these employees that the companies would rather let go of. Minimize cost centers, streamline profit centers, and if your customer makes you do something that goes against either of those two rules make them pay for their "special desires" themselves.

Often more than $10

Phone bookings often miss out on some of the promotional offers (either web only or not mentioned on the phone).

The phone only customers will also be penalised when booking flights and many other aspects of their travel.

I hope MGM has upgraded their hotel websites'

I hope MGM has upgraded their hotel websites' booking engines. I've found they frequently don't work, won't take promo codes, or run really slowly.

CET has been doing that for a few years now.

CET has been doing the $10 phone reservation fee for a few years now.  At least their websites usually work better than MGM websites.  Hopefully MGM will invest those $10 fees into building better websites.

And phone customers have been getting a raw deal for years.  Many of the best deals aren't given out on the phone but were web only.

How about canceling online?

Heard about this for the first time a couple weeks ago when I called to adjust my upcoming reservation at Monte Carlo. The woman claimed the fee had been around since January, which I still don't believe.

The only reason I was calling was to rebook my reservation with a better promotion. They need to just allow cancelations online and I'd never have to call them again.


I have not made a phone res. for years for a LV hotel but if they are going to start charging for phone reservations, they should start playing up the incentives of booking online.

Rip OFF!

Las Vegas Hotels are worse than the airlines.Many hotel reservation centers are overseeas where labor costs are much lower.It does not cost them 10 dollars to answer the phone


Not the company I work for. It's down the street.

Gimme Good Phone

I suppose I am in the minority but I actually prefer calling around when making my reservations. After providing my players club number, I ask the reservations agent to check for all available offers. In some cases, I have been told I am eligible for certain offers - or combined offers - that were not evident on their website.

When booking at a property I am not entirely familiar with, I have taken the opportunity to ask the agent which tower among several, for example, would be best for me based on my particular needs. I have been given valuable advice in this regard. I have also been given good advice about restaurant specials, entertainment options and other attractions at the resort from individuals who care about providing a great customer experience.

Aria by phone, no fee

I'm Gold with MGM and called yesterday to clarify a rate, clearly stating that I didn't want to book by phone because of the fee. They told me that because I'm Gold it wouldn't apply.  So there's that...

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It will be interesting if this hotel booking fee is not disclosed upfront. There could be a great many disputes then.   

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