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Bally Technologies: The Reel Story (Part 1)

March 11, 2014 at 2:14 PM | by | ()

These be free in the Bally's game room.

Ever wonder what it takes to really get a slot machine from an idea to gaming floors worldwide? Curious where to submit that killer slot idea that's been spinning around your head? We took a fascinating tour of Bally Technologies headquarters right here in Las Vegas near McCarran Airport to answer those very questions and more.

Today, we'll share some facts, stats and stories relayed by our tour guide, Manager of Corporate Communications for Bally Tech, Mike Trask. We learned a few things and expect many readers will, too. But, if facts and figures make your head spin, come back later this week for fewer numbers, more pictures and stories.

· Bally Technologies employs 4,200 employees worldwide; 1,200 in Nevada
· Three buildings comprise BT's Las Vegas headquarters: one for manufacturing, one for design and project teams, and one for executive offices and gaming demos
· Bally accounts for 25% of games globally and is the second largest manufacturer (behind IGT)
· Only gaming company that manufactures right here in Las Vegas
· Outputs approximately 25,000 machines per year
· Can assemble 150-200 per day during peak periods

Of the company's $1 billion dollars in annual revenue:
· 35% is from casino sharing/leasing of (mostly themed) games
· 35% from sales of games
· Remainder from casino systems

Mr. Trask confirmed the typical slot players are females between 40-60 years old. This explains why Bally's games include themes like the Beach Boys, Grease, and the new Titanic game. Meantime, the Pawn Stars crowd trends lower in the 30-40 year old checkbox. Must be the Chumlee factor.

These be shipping out.


Real spinning slot reels are illegal in Minnesota. That translates into the state allowing video reels only which is, of course, the newer technology, anyhow. But, it's nice to have options sometimes, isn't it? Not for Minnesota.


No matter how great a slot machine idea you think you may have, you can share with us but don't send it to Bally. Trask confirms that outside submissions are never accepted. Too many lawyers and contracts would need get involved and who wants that?

We did, unofficially, relay one non-theme related idea during our visit that was received well. We'll tell you about that and more later this week when we take you to the project and manufacturing floors at Bally and also reveal what Bally has planned for the future.

Archived Comments:

Video Reels

V.R. suck. We have some beautiful casinos here in Mn and they are filled with video slots. I am mainly a 1$/5$ slots player and no longer play at the MN casinos because I like the reel/real slots much better. Now I just save my money and head for LV.

How random is each spin?

I would really love know more about the technology of how random the machines truly are. There have been occasions where I have seen a tech open up a machine to make an adjustment, and there are settings which seem to indicate how frequently a machine will pay out. Does a casino control how frequent or in-frequent a machine pays out? How random is the machine really? They say each spin is completely independent of another spin. But if you hit that bonus round, you can be 100% sure that your next spin after you complete the bonus will not result in another bonus round. So it does not seem to be really random. Hopefully part 2 of this article will look at that.

Payback %

Each casino has the ability to set the payback % on each slot machine to there liking.. State law for pay back % differ's state to state but in general you won't know the exact payback on a machine unless the casino bluntly tells you what it is.. apparently when they make these statements about pay back % most of the time it's a general % of all the machines in the casino together and what they have paid back to the customer.


I understand how you feel, but I am here to tell you that I have actually played a machine where I have hit the bonus and as soon as I was finished with that, I hit the bonus again.  No it doesn't happen frequently, but it does happen.


I remember when casinos would post the the payback percentage on slot machines..now its a secret. I now only play video poker because you can see the paytable on every machine