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A Quickie Construction Update In Seven Snapshots

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March 4, 2014 at 12:04 AM | by | ()

From Sahara down to Tropicana, things continue to change on The Strip. On one end, SLS Las Vegas is painting the town towers. On the other, Double Barrel Roadhouse will debut in a matter of days. Here's a quick look at where things stand on the Strip (photos taken on Sunday, March 2):

SLS Las Vegas (formerly Sahara)
Opening: Labor Day Weekend

Treasure Island 'Retail-tainment' Center (formerly a section of Siren's Cove)
Opening: "Later this year"

The Cromwell (formerly Bill's)
Opening: May 21

*Greenery going in! But, disappointingly faux. Probably unrealistic to have living plants, but one could dream, right? A rendering of the finished look can be viewed here.

Double Barrel Roadhouse (in front of Monte Carlo)
Opening: March 7

(PHOTOS: VegasChatter)

Archived Comments:

looking forward

I will check these thing's out when im in town next week.


I was just there at the end of December, and it's amazing how much progress has been made since then.  Especially the Monte Carlo and Cromwell projects.  Wow.

The Cromwell

Opening night is May 21, but it looks like the soft opening is happening April 21. Selected Total Rewards players are getting invites to stay at that time. Can't imagine they'd open the hotel room to gamblers and leave the casino empty.

menu for the roadhouse??

any menu for this place?? looking to hit it up st pattys week


I heard that, too, but I'm taking it with a grain of salt. It seems highly optimistic.


I've not seen a published menu yet. We're attending press events on Wednesday and Thursday, though, and will share our experiences and findings on the site.

I got to eat at Double Barrel on opening night!

I saw the Double Barrel Roadhouse while on the Strip Friday evening.  Note I was unaware it was their opening day, and knew nothing about the place.  I simply thought it would be awesome to have dinner at one of the tables right along the sidewalk, where I could people-watch and look at the Strip.  So I went there, but figured there wasn't a chance in Hades I'd actually get in at all, let alone get a Strip-side table; they had lots of reservations and there were people waiting. But the super nice staff at the counter took my name and told me to come back in about 20 minutes. So I went up to one of their FOUR bars. While there, I finally learned they had just opened that day!  I reported to the desk at the specified time, and much to my surprise I was seated at one of the Strip-side tables!  I kept it simple and ordered their double cheeseburger with fries. Somehow the order was lost so it took quite awhile to get it; opening-day kinks in the system I suppose.  But no worries as I was busy watching all the goings-on along that section of the Strip. The food was good but to me the view (if you can sit Strip-side) is the real draw.  It should be even more fun when the construction at MC and NYNY is complete and there will likely be even more foot traffic along that stretch. :)