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Quad Room Remodel To Begin Within 'Weeks'

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March 4, 2014 at 5:53 PM | by | ()

While Caesars Entertainment shows us there are still things we will never see coming by selling four of its resorts to itself (huh?), we're finally able to retire the use of "may," "rumor has it," and question marks in our posts about the remodel of The Quad's accommodations.

As part of Caesars Entertainment's announcement that it was transferring Bally's Las Vegas, The Cromwell, The Quad and Harrah's New Orleans to Caesars Growth Partners, it was released that $223 million would go towards the continued renovation of The Quad. (Some $90 mil has already been spent revamping its casino and facade.) A press release states that guest room renovations "will begin in the coming weeks when three of the resort's towers will close to accommodate remodeling." Officials say no public spaces will be impacted.

In addition to the room renovations, meeting spaces will be expanded, new dining destinations will be introduced (Guy Fieri's joint as well as a possible O'Sheas restaurant?), and the pool and spa will be upgraded, too. Funds will also be directed towards the "completion of the exterior facade" which, hopefully, means buh-bye blue roof tiles leftover from the hotel-casino's days as the IP.

Execs hope to reveal a fully transformed resort in the first half of 2015. No word yet on when the new rooms will begin to come online.

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Archived Comments:


Are there any pics or drawings of what a new Quad room might look like?

Are they going to be replacing the slow elevators?

I do have a few fond memories of the Quad (IP). It's where I saw my first male crossdresser. Red dress, green high heels and wig askew.


Sorry, this is all I know/have right now.


I will be interested to see how they do this:  " and the pool and spa will be upgraded, too."  With the current space available, I would have to say, fat guy in a little coat...


A bartender showed us pics on his cell of what the new room will look like.  They already have at least one done to promo.  It was super modern and matched the casino theme, reds in the carpet, low modern dresser, flat screen, etc.  Very hip.


New rooms would be great, but unless they start cleaning them properly it won't matter.

I didn't mind the worn rooms, they were really cheap.  but the filth...

Same goes for Flamingo.


OMG. I would die to see those!

Glad to hear this!

Any improvement to the old IP rooms will be a blessing.  However, along with upgrades come higher prices, so I guess being the least expensive property on Caesar's list will go by the wayside when the new rooms open.  Those of us who don't want to pay through the nose for rooms and ridiculous resort fees will just have to take our business out to the motels around the strip that are still reasonable...oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


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