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The SLS Las Vegas Casino Is Promising

April 10, 2014 at 2:30 PM | by | ()

SLS Las Vegas has revamped their website and revealed some interesting facts about their casino that have us excited for its opening at the end of summer.

Last year, we relayed Sam Nazarian's vision for the SLS sportsbook. He mentioned that it would be operated by an outside company, later revealed as William Hill. He also said that it wouldn’t be a traditional sportsbook, rather it would be a combination sportsbook and bar/restaurant. A place to grab a beer and a burger while watching the game you just bet on. Now, we know the sportsbook will be attached to Umami Burger and a beer garden. Add in some 50 TVs and the concept sounds great. We can’t wait to see it in action!

SLS Las Vegas will have 800 slot machines on the casino floor. More than 200 of those slot machines will actually be video poker games. (For clarity, the gaming commission categorizes video poker games as slot machines. Video keno also falls into the slot machine category.) There will be two casino bars at SLS with a total of 30 video poker games. We won’t know if the pay tables are good, but we are encouraged by the constant references to SLS having good gambling for locals and this specific quote on their website: “generous pay tables you love.” You have our attention. Don’t blow it like some other new casinos. #NoPressure

Much of the 60,000-square-foot casino floor will be occupied by slot and video poker machines, but there will be table games, too. You didn't expect an old school slot hall, did you? Depending on which page you read on the website, there will either be 70 table games or 80 table games. Last year, we revealed that there won’t be a poker room at SLS, but there will be an assortment of traditional table games including the hottest table game on The Strip, baccarat. There's no word on blackjack rules, but we’ll assume (yeah, we know we shouldn’t assume) that there will be at least a few games that pay 3:2 for blackjack. 6:5 blackjack isn't locals friendly.

SLS will have their own players club for the casino called The Code. The Code won’t be linked with any other players clubs, but you will have access to comps and benefits at SLS Las Vegas and other sbe-owned hotels, restaurants and clubs in LA, New York and Miami. You can sign up for The Code now unless you’d rather wait until you visit.

The casino floor at SLS won’t be the largest on The Strip, but it won’t be the smallest, either. Sixty thousand square feet is about as large as the casino floor at The Quad and more than twice the size Bill’s was (and The Cromwell should be with 440 slot machines and 66 table games and no sportsbook or poker room).

You'll find SLS Las Vegas at 2535 S Las Vegas Blvd at Sahara, where the Sahara once stood. It opens August 25.


Archived Comments:

High hopes...

...but low expectations. Downtown Grand taught me that.


Same here. I'm a little more optimistic here because they keep touting gaming for locals in all of their press. Downtown Grand never touted their gaming. We'll see but I'm not holding my breath.

Sports book

does look interesting though it's really just a sports bar. About the only thing that interests me about SLS so far.

Small casino

How is the SLS going to make money? They have a smallish casino..will they make money through their hotel..club..dining?


looks like they will stress non gaming like many strip hotels have been lately..retail stores and nightclubs and restaurants..thats where ownership has made there money in Los Angeles and Florida

Umami Burger

Really good burgers. Great fries & onion  rings too. Even the ketchup is special.


Know a couple of the "Let's make it move" kids moving over there from other properties. Marketing. Big on Player Development, so...I'ma kinda excited to see what they put together for the gambling aspect. ( Invited slot tourney's, blackjack tourney's) Small casino. I'm just a gambler from out of town. Don't live Vegas, but from what I know of some of these new employees...cater to gamblers.Wish them luck.    

Location, location, location

A very tough location not only in getting to, but being there.  Hopefully SLS will have more security than they did when they ran the Sahara as they would have cars stolen out of the garage all the time, customers and employees being accosted on the casino floor by pimps and derelicts.  Tough location, tough product to sell at that location.  Really tough place to put uber high end restaurants, night clubs and will celebrities really hang out there..... More than once?  I wish them well and if you have been hired as one of the first employees, get ready for a big layoff after they realize just how tough it is going to be.  Not bashing, just stating facts.  I only hope that they kick butt and take names.


They're only looking to the casino for 1/3rd of their revenue so it makes sense that they'd only devote so much space to it.

For reference, they're touting 3 times as much conference room space on the website. That's crazy to me but it's their business. Maybe they know what they're doing. We'll see.

New Tower Names

Story Tower was formerly the Tunis Tower, World was Tangiers and Lux was Alexandria.


I don't think you're familiar with SBE's  business model.

It's a high-end hotel and nightclub operation. I would think any "derelicts" in there will not enjoy favored treatment by the Hotel's security.


I suppose by touting convention space they will also be selling rooms. However, is the average convention-goer who spends a night or two at SLS really going to fork over big bucks for clubbing or a really expensive meal each night?

I'll try it...

I didn't try The Grand but when the Tropicana reopened, I liked it. I'm a Fred Segal fan so this should be interesting.


Convention goers usually have expense accounts so they won't mind spending money on dinners and clubs. It will take amazing food and clubs to get tourists to go out of their way for those things.