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It's Okay To Do Vegas Alone

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Visiting Las Vegas is great when traveling with your best friends. The bonds and memories can last forever. What should you do, though, when your friends bail on you? Should you simply give up your plans and reschedule or go at it alone? Vegas can seem intimidating when traveling alone, but it can be the best way to visit. Solo travel has been a growing trend and Vegas is among one of the more popular solo destinations. Heck, thereís even a website devoted to visiting Vegas solo.

Before moving to Vegas, this writer was faced with making a trip to here alone after a friend had to bail due to work. The thought of tackling Vegas without a wingman wasnít something I ever thought about before, but itís something I encourage after experiencing it. Traveling to Vegas with friends is great, but the solo vacation to Vegas can be even better in some ways.

You're never really alone when you're in Vegas. Unless you're a local, you're here for a good time, not a long time. Most people, from singles and groups to families, have that same attitude. If thereís a place where you can find friendly conversation, itís Las Vegas. When you're in the casino thereís never a shortage of conversation at the tables or a bar. When playing video poker or slots, you may not want to be distracted, anyway.

My biggest fear about visiting Vegas alone was dining. In a normal setting, itís awkward to sit alone in a restaurant but in Las Vegas itís fairly commonplace. No, not every table is filled with singles, but itís easy to lose track of friends so there are often solo diners at food courts and coffee shops. Chances are youíll never be the only solo diner. Eating at a restaurant bar isnít uncommon either and youíll often find others doing the same. This is a great way to be social or to just eat quickly and move on. You can also get some excellent happy hour deals eating at a bar. If you're comfortable dining alone, you'll have a much easier time walking into a restaurant without a reservation and getting a table then a large group will.

Ahhhh, freedom. One of my favorite parts of visiting Vegas alone was not having a schedule. Thereís nobody elseís sleep or party schedule to worry about. Vegas is all yours whenever you want. Having all of Las Vegas available at any time of the day is amazing. The flexibility allows you to explore those random things others may not find interesting. There's no waiting on friends to get ready, either. Doing what you want when you want is invigorating.

Vegas is one place you can visit alone and still have a great time. There is enough to see and do that you won't have to worry about getting bored. Look at the picture above. That's just another night on Fremont Street. Chances are that you're not the only person alone in a casino, bar, restaurant, pool, show or anywhere else in Vegas.

[PHOTO: Jamie M. and Stepanenko A. on Foursquare, Wikimedia]

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I agree!

Half the time when I go to Vegas, I go alone, and there are plenty of places to feel comfortable enough to dine alone and to be able to do what you want when you want...it is just as much fun!

Count me in, too

I've done it a couple times before I moved here. I've actually done it a few times since I've lived here, and in many ways I prefer it.  

Solo is best for me!

Out of my last 16 trips, all but two were solo. Next trip is next month and that will be solo too! On the few times I have gone with others, I find them so needy asking everything imaginable, I have had to slip away just for some "me" time.

Glad I'm Not "Alone"

Did a solo Vegas trip a few weeks ago and had a good time.  No problem with eating alone, etc.  Met some great people and will consider taking another solo trip again.  

heck yeah!

Gone solo twice,pretty fun,more than I thought. No drama,losing people, waiting, etc...first time I went alone,a little apprehensive but it was cool. I might go alone from here on out,people always bail at the last minute. So I just gas up the Cadillac and roll through NM,AZ and NV desert to get there. Turn up my music and just roll!

Solo traveling is great and even better in Vegas

I love traveling to Vegas on my own. None of my friends or family are as freakishly obesessed with the city as I am so I take frequent solo trips to try out everything new - and old stuff too.  I always split my time between staying on the strip and staying downtown. As others have mentioned, it's so freeing to be able to do what you want when you want. Is that why I'm single?


I have visited solo twice now and really enjoyed it.. Always find people to strike up a conversation with from the bar top video poker to the elevators.. everyone wants to know how your trip or luck is going vice versa.... You are all not alone!

Ive been twice

And each time people have asked Did you take anyone? no i travel alone.  Im glad im not alone in this group.  I can go where and when i want.  I will do it again next year to.

Common in Vegas...

Vegas is such a big convention town that solo travelers are always commonplace.

There's no reason to feel uncomfortable at restaurants because they serve solo conventioneers all the time. I'm sure they're all more than happy to have your business.


Going solo is great. All the comments above are accurate. Do whatever you want whenever you want. I like eating at the counter/bar. The service is better most of the time and you don't end up staring at other people across the way like when you get seated at a table. I can read email or RSS feeds while eating. Nice.

Sometimes you need to be left alone

Nothing wrong with being alone in Vegas. I do it all the time. Going in a big group is fun as well but sometimes doing all this coordination is a hassle. Someone is always lagging or someone didnt understand correctly or someone has a poopoo face because they dont like the dinner selection. Their is always something wrong. I hate it when you are on a hot streak and you have to meet up with your group. I usually just ignore them and continue playing.

I agree

Going solo is much more relaxing to me.

Voice of dissent

I 100% disagree.  I can and have gone to many cities solo and enjoy myself.  But Vegas requires a wingman, posse or spouse..someone to have a good time with, share. The wins with, lament the losses, enjoy the show.  I've been going to Vegas twice a year for 20 years and can't imagine going alone....unless I was single a looking to make some hook ups.

My wife, however, has gladly gone there alone....hey! Wait a minute......


Done Vegas alone a couple times and it was really nice.  Probably for the same reasons I like skiing alone.

Hey we should do a meet up for all the people in Vegas alone!

Haha wait that's a stupid idea.

Love It

I definitely fall into the shy introvert category until I get off the plane at LAS! I don't know what gets into me (probably a lot of alcohol) but I find doing this place solo is very liberating. I have never been to Vegas with other people and I don't think I ever want too. It couldn't possibly be as fun having other people cramping my style!


Agree with all soloists. I've never had a problem dining solo as I was in outside sales when I was younger and had to stop for something to eat, so I've never found it awkward. But I don't go overboard and dine in an exclusive steak house, where probably it could be better shared with conversation. However, I go close to 12 times a year. 9 or 10 solo. I'm as a rule always at a slot tournament or event, so I see a regular bunch of like minded gamblers who all have their own rooms. They do as I do. Gamble. At all hours. Eat, sleep, WHEN THEY WANT. I have a gf who comes down on occasion, but she is a shopper and doesn't pool. I don't shop. But I pool and gamble. We work. She's GONE for the day. She doesn't follow me on the casino floor, I don't follow her shopping.She's allowed to come. Otherwise,it's SOLO!    


90% of my many trips to Lost Wages have been solo and I don't get bored.  Always something to do.  When I first started traveling it was intimidating and I didn't know how to handle the hookers.  Now I have fun ruining their evening, even for a brief period!  Somehow when you play big and are alone word gets out.  So I make it a game!

Eating is another thing though.  I am on unlimited expenses, as I travel every week and don't seek out the $200 steaks in Vegas.  If I did I'd look like Mr Creosote from Monty Python.  Simple meals alone, a little booze - not too much and lots of walking and people watching.

It's also fun to hook up with strangers but be cautious, and armed (only if you are licensed).  I've met some great people, had a few drinks and parted ways but never would get in a cab or limo or head to anyone's room.

Don't be afraid! Lots of life in LV!


Your never alone in vegas.Most of the time I go solo..Always at the the bars I find people from around the world who are friendly and have great conversations that you would never find anywhere else in the world.

Solo is a breeze

Planning, packing, and financing is ten times easier without the added stress of coordinating schedules and priorities with a travel companion. Plus, after a brutal day at the sports book ... Yeah, you know when I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.

Plus and minus

I agree with all the reasons people enjoy traveling solo to Vegas, I did it for my first time more than a decade ago. I don't eat at fancy restaurants so I don't mind dining alone.

The thing that I didn't enjoy about traveling solo: going to shows. I bought the long-gone all-stages pass from the Caesar's group a few years ago. Being seated solo in some of those theaters was rather awkward, and I didn't appreciate that.

The Vegas Solo blog is well written. I'm usually not interested in her restaurant reviews, but I take the time to read most everything else she chronicles.

Another Solo Visiter

About half of my trips are solo, with another coming up in May. I'm used to dining alone at the bar, even at a nice place. My solo table at Jasmine one time was a bit awkward though.

love going solo

Almost all of my trips are 'solo' although I do have many friends who visit frequently from other parts of the world so there are quite often get togethers for a meal/drink.

The only time solo suffers is for shows,fine dining, and the pool- those times would be better with a wingman or two,but they are doable. Gambling and site seeing solo and the general freedom to do what you want- when you want are big pluses.

Done this when

I've attended conferences.   I enjoy it but...

Since I'm from LA, I'm always concerned I will run into someone I know while eatting or gambling solo.

Solo Trip

The last three times I went to Vegas were by myself. I could go anywhere I wanted, when I wanted. I went to concerts, shows, sat by the pool, and gambled a litle. The only downside of going by myself is that sometimes I just wanted to have someone to laugh with or party with.

Just recently went solo

Really enjoyed from a gambling perspective.  When sports betting, it's nice to not be committed to be anywhere at a certain time.  It was probably the most fun I've had.  I really don't mind eating the buffets solo, except one time my table got cleared prematurely at Cosmo and that was a bit annoying.  I imagine if you had a group of buddies who shared your gambling habits, entertainment interests and budget, it would be best, but when I went with buddies we didn't always want to do the same things.

Buffet Solo

I had the same experience Andy.  Once my table was cleared three times eating at a buffet solo! I was surprised it was cleaned so fast as no tip was left since I didn't finish eating.

all men?

add me to the "Vegas is fun solo" club.  I like the freedom.  I prefer to gamble alone.  I do, however, like to have a companion for a higher end meal or show.

Can't always tell from screen names, so I'll ask... are all of the respondents here male?

Would still be tough for me

Call it separation anxiety with the Mrs., but went to a conference for work a couple years ago without her (though she would join me after the conference for a few extra days) and it seemed like something just 'wasn't right'.  Part of it has to do with what they experiences are to you - fine dining, great shows and taking in the sites as a couple is more meaningful to me under that dynamic than all by myself.


I've never done Vegas alone, but I bet it would be pretty liberating. No wife to tell me when to get off the tables. No debate about where to eat or what to do next. Everything is half price! No babysitting friends who couldn't hold their booze. Downside: Cab is expensive, Limo is out of the question, and there will likely be a $10 "movie" rental charge on bill when you check out.


While it's ok to do vegas alone, it'll make one feel quite uncomfortable and awkward. Everything from dining alone, to being eyed by the resident escorts looking for a "date".

In general, society still looks differently toward solo, especially solo male travellers. It's always best to travel with a companion for many reasons including someone to watch you back.

Not awkward at all

I don't agree with you at all. Vegas is great for solos and this is not the 1950's so who would care if someone eats alone?, hundreds of not thousands of people does it in vegas on a daily basis.
I have yet to travel to vegas totally solo, i either had a companion or meet up someone in Vegas but the best time i had in Vegas is the times i did stuff on myself.
It's such a freedom just to go and eat were ever you want without having to compromise with other people.
Last trip the best meal i had was eating alone at Gordon Ramsey Steak and the service was just excellent


Las Vegas looks a beautiful place. I have personally never been but woyld like to go their for a holiday one day. Something new and different.