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After Renovations, Hotel Room Rates At The Quad Will Double

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
April 23, 2014 at 6:07 PM | by | ()

Say goodbye to this...

After two years, changes at Imperial Palace, ne The Quad, are inching closer to completion. A new Strip-front facade was constructed, the poker room and sportsbook were moved, the casino floor was renovated, new venues attached to The Linq were opened and we can even step into Flavortown with the debut of Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen. Currently, a remodel of the hotel rooms is underway.

Accommodations at The Quad are still some of the least expensive on the Vegas Strip. A quick check of Caesars.com shows that, without any Total Rewards offers applied, mid-week rooms at The Quad are still in the mid $30 range.

Looking at room rates in mid-September, after renovations should be complete, mid-week rates at The Quad double to the mid $70 range.

Seventy bucks mid-week isn't so bad, but The Quad looks as if it will no longer be the cheapest room in the Caesars Entertainment chain.

The base hotel room at Harrah’s and Flamingo in September are both less expensive than The Quad. Bally’s is just a few dollars more. We’re not sure if the new rooms at The Quad will be the quality of a four-star resort, but judging by price point, it seems as though they’ll be nicer than the renovated FAB Rooms at Flamingo, but not as nice as the even more recently renovated Jubilee Tower rooms at Bally's, which are $109 for the same day.

All of the renovations happening in Las Vegas come with a price. Whether it's a bar/restaurant with prime Strip real estate or newly renovated hotel rooms, you're going to pay for the niceties. There are still bargains available, but you might have to do a little research to find them.

[Photo: Booking.com]

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I've stayed in Motel 8 rooms better looking than that.

Also, the front facade of the hotel is pretty poorly designed. It is a slab of silver tiles- no trees, no bar, no windows or doors- just a wall.

No Surprise

Please get new Elevators also!!! It's too bad that they could do nothing with pool area because of the lack of space. If the beds are like the MGM beds then I don't mind staying there because your right smack in the action.

I think the Quad

is what you call putting lipstick on a pig in terms of the renovations and if that's the current renovation pic of the room then I'm with thekube on this one.. I've stayed in better rooms at Red Roof Inn! lol..

Stayed several times...

My rooms at the Quad were better than the reg. rooms at the Flamingo and the Quad housekeeping is much better..and that's before the remodel. It was o.k. for a cheap room..at least the bathrooms were always clean. There were 2 things that finally drove me away for good- the lack of a decent place to eat and the slow elevators.
Even with a remodel, I am not sure I would pay much more to stay there. I would probably opt for a deal at Harrah's or Bally's instead.

You Guys!

lol. That is not a photo of the renovated room! LMAO

Very interesting...

I'm heading out to Vegas in May and will be staying at The Quad. I'm curious to see if I can get one of the newly renovated rooms and see if it will be worth paying double. Let you know!

Mold Everywhere

Unless you get a renovated room I wouldn't bother. Mold is everywhere there!! Most disgusting hotel and should be demolished.

Yes, Mold!

I teach folks how to inspect buildings for water damage and mold.  Harrah's Corp - err - Caesar's - can paint and re-tile the whole hotel but what they cannot do is fix the underlying water damage which leads to mold.  I used to stay and play at their casinos - a high level Diamond Player - and after running into repeated issues at Flamingo, Harrah's, Caesar's Palace, Rio and expecially Bally's I don't have anything to do with them anymore.  They were unresponsive to my documented concerns.  Due to IP's reputation I never stayed there and would rather stay in a no-tell-mo-tel than that dump, no matter what it looks like now.

They have no regards for the health of their guests.  

Total Cost

Whats the resort fee? with the fee and tax rooms are most likely over 100 dollars mid week

The end of an error...

I wonder if the Lurv Tub rooms will survive the remodel? :o)

I stayed at IP once...no matter how cheap the rooms and how good a location, plan ahead...don't forget to pop a BioHaz suit into your carry-on and change on the plane.

@Boulder Steve

The resort fee is currently $20. I wouldn't be surprised to see that rise, though, after renovations are complete.


Looks beautiful....Color combination are perfect.