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With Less Than Four Months To Go, What SLS Las Vegas Looks Like Now

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April 28, 2014 at 8:20 PM | by | ()

SLS Loses Sahara.

With a grand opening set for Labor Day weekend, SLS Las Vegas is close to erasing the last vestiges of an era gone by. This weekend, only small patches of Sahara's tan exterior remained. The physical changes to the old Alexandria Tower, as captured in the before-and-after shot below by VegasChatter friend Greg C., are the most dramatic. Gone are all the Moroccan influences. Now, a much more anonymous contemporary facade sports gleaming walls of glass paired with the staid hues of white and grey.

SLS began accepting reservations earlier this month for stays beginning August 25 and beyond. Specials already offer rates from as low as $109.

The re-imagined resort is looking to fill some 2,700 jobs. It's already received close to 50,000 applications. Click here to see available positions.

(PHOTOS: Greg C.)

Archived Comments:

Can't lie but the..

...Alexandria tower (Lux Tower) looks so much better without the cheesy Moroccan decor.

Blue and Gray

= Bleak and Dreary

Someone needs to consult a fellow by the name of Steve Wynn when it comes to hotel coloring.

We're getting too much blue on the skyline here. Warm browns and oranges and golds look so much better.


is it the best? no
but it does look a lot better than Sahara.
Will I go there?? Probably not, since I never really venture past North of Encore. Maybe once Resorts World opens, the north end of the strip will help SLS.

I will stop by

I will look around when i come into town in late september.  The last two times i have been in town the place has been closed off.  It should be interesting to see what the place look's like in person.

Office block

More high end office block looking buildings. Just what Vegas needs. All started with the eyesore that is CityCenter.

City Center is an eysore?

Well then you don't remember the Boardwalk casino nor the decrepit strip mall next to it!

City Center will be much bette when the Harmon comes down.  Hope they plant a tree or two there.

I will stop by SLS.  The Sahara was a dump.  Good riddance.  Best this place smells better.


Viewed from the street, the changes give a much more upscale look.  What's hard to see from the photos is how the new glass sections hang out about 5 feet from the building - breaking up the old flat façade.  Something else I've noticed - up until this point workers were strictly 9-5 with weekends and holidays off.  Now, there's usually a handful working outside the normal hours. That indicates contractors are starting to feel the time squeeze of making the Sept 1 planned opening.

City Center looks...

City Center looks great. It's just horribly laid out inside to get from one place to the next. The flow is really bad. And the overhead crossing sucks ass.

City Center

Don't know how this SLS thread got hijacked but...City center was designed around Aria no matter what anyone says. And it was designed for Aria resort guests. If you're cruising the Strip on foot, it is a pain to navigate. But if you're a guest, it "flows" nicely.


When I said City Center is an eyesore, I meant it looks terrible in it's location. I love the themed hotels that Vegas was once famous for. City Center looks like a dark collection of posh office buildings when surrounded by brightly lit themed resorts like Paris, Bellagio, Caesars Palace etc. I first visited Vegas just after the Boardwalk was levelled so I can't comment on that. I fear that in a few years, Vegas will lose it's 'uniqueness' and look like any other big city.


I'm kind of shocked at how much better the Alexandria Tower looks. I think it looks great.

Half and Half

I agree with the 'City Center eyesore' comments - a nightmare to walk around and it looks like the HQ offices of insurance companies, accountancies and banks in pretty much any city.

However, I don't mind the new SLS - as I understand it the plan is for a 'boutique hotel' and so pastel colours and minimalist is always going to be the theme...no chance of tan minarets in that concept alas. :o)

It will be interesting to see what they do with the inside - and it will also be interesting to see if it makes money (perhaps a bit too north on the Strip to attract their target  demographic?)

How long left...

...for Circus Circus (first Vegas trip!) and Riviera?


While City Center's theme seems to be "modern office building" at least its clean, unlike what it replaced and unlike the Sahara and surrounding area.

I agree about the strip access - what a pain in the ass it is now if you just want to walk either side but remember the days gone by when the pedestrians were playing dodgeball with the taxis?  At least that has improved, except for the area around Paris.

I think SLS will be another modern office building with more emphasis on shopping, eating and clubbing than gambling which seems the current trend up and down the strip.

Soft opening?

My annual trip this year falls two weeks before Labor Day Weekend. I'm assuming (hoping) that they'll be in soft-opening mode at that point. Any rumors to confirm or refute my assumption?