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A Flamingo Guest Sounds Off Over A Disappointing Stay

Where: 3555 Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89109
April 30, 2014 at 2:18 PM | by | ()

We all love Vegas, but that's not to say that some things don't get under our skin. That's why we created Vegas Rants to let you get it all off your chest, heave a big sigh and move on to the next fun thing.

For someone that signs their emails with the Sebastien-Roch Chamfort quote, "the most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed," we're going to guess that VegasChatter reader KRM isn't much of a ranter. So, it must have been some stay at Flamingo recently to provoke our newest Vegas rant:

My stay at the flamingo was nothing but disappointing on March 17-21.

I paid for non-smoking Fab Luxury Strip view room, but what I got was a smokey, filthy room with a view of a roof A/C. When I complained, I was put in a non-smoking room facing the other side (High Roller). Not what I paid for.

What was more disappointing is when I checked in, the lady at the front desk was eager to get $20 extra per night for a better view. When I asked "don't I have a Strip view?", she said yes, but if you want a better view. (This is an unprofessional cash grab scheme considering the room I was given). They tried to grab more cash again by telling me if I wanted to use internet in other areas of the hotel as well as my room it would be another $15 daily and they charge $5 to print boarding passes for you. So... what exactly do you pay a resort fee for??? Everything they do is clearly to make guests pay for the costs of the Linq and upgrades to The Quad and Bally's and the service has pretty much become non-existent.

I felt there was no point to bring up my concerns a second time to management during my stay because of how I was treated and when they handled the room issue in the first place. This is not ethical nor professional.

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Caesers Ent

has just gotten worse every year. They bank on the "center strip" idea for all their hotels but are over priced for what you actually get. They're comps and discounts haven fallen off as well. They want more from me as a Platnum card holder for a night at Caesers in a forum tower room then The Cosmo does for a Studio Suite. They stopped getting my money the last few trips because of this. The Flamingo is not a nice hotel.


I just stayed at the Flamingo in January and I loved it.  The hotel was light and bright and everyone was really nice.  I was alone and had a great time there.  The lady at the front desk was very nice.  I was having an asthma issue after walking and I asked her if I could get a room close to the elevator.  She gave me a room two doors down from the elevator facing Cesar's Palace.  I didn't ask her to do that or give her any money.  I am sorry you had a bad experience but mine was great.

Good for you, McNamara!

My experience(s) at the Flamingo more resembles Devon's stay. I suppose it could be just bad luck, but out of the times I have stayed at the Flamingo, housekeeping was severly lacking almost every time. Mold in the showers and that disgusting crusty vent above the showerhead to name a couple of issues. I suppose many don't notice or care about sloppy housekeeping but I am not one of them. Not on my vacation.
We still like Caesar's, but we always make sure not to buy a pkg deal with an agency. We book our rooms directly and are very specific about the kind of room we want as our experience is if anything is left to chance with them we tend not to get what we want for rooms.


Actually, this person had a reservation for a Fab Luxury Strip View room with a preference for non-smoking. Like most Vegas hotels, the Flamingo does not guarantee a non-smoking room.

That said, I think it's idiotic that a non-smoking room can't be guaranteed. If global hotel chains with thousands of franchises can do it, you'd think that companies that own and operate their hotels could figure it out.

Non Smoking

That's true.  Everyone makes such a big stink now about not smoking that you'd think you wouldn't have to request it, non smoking rooms would be standard and the smoking rooms would have to be requested.  I guess I had a lucky stay.  I've stayed at the Palazzo and it was a beautiful room but the windows were really dirty and the view which should have been great was not.  I thought with all the money you pay to stay there, the windows should at least be clean but it wasn't important enough to me to get upset about.  But I understand everyone expects a certain standard and it's disappointing when it doesn't happen.

Window's are a Great thing.

I stayed at the riveria. I know... The room was clean. but..  The housekeeper must have not looked at the large mass of glass.  There were water spot's all over these window's.  You really had to look sideways to see clearly from them.  Ny stay was great other than that.  My view was of the pool.

Flamingo Fabulous

Just left the Flamingo for the 4th time in 3 years. Maybe I have lucked out but every stay has been great. I have no problems with the desk, housekeeping, or anything else there. I have also always gotten the room that I requested (non-smoking). I have directed friends to stay also with no issues, so it must be a real hit or miss deal to end up with a poor stay. Of course no stay should be poor if they want to keep business.


is the new Imperial Palace

Flamingo the new Imperial

A comparison of Flamingo to Imperial is harsh but very true.  As a frequent Vegas vactioner I now stay at the Fremont.  Clean rooms and great service.

Hit or miss

I have stayed at flamingo multiple times over the past few years. We have noticed house keeping has gotten worse by the year. Also, if an event occurs on a Thursday or Friday, the hotel will stay dirty for the remainder of the weekend. Combine that with the worst elevator situation in Vegas and it's a recipe for disaster. It's too bad, we still love going to their casino, just not enough to stay there.

Las Vegas/Atlantic City

I have stayed at the Flamingo I think three times, I have also stayed at Harrahs and Rio.  When I have booked my room at the Flamingo, I have gotten the Go Rooms,  since they are the most recently updated.  I really liked it, I can't speak to the Fab rooms, I'm assuming those are just the standard rooms.  It does seem like Caesars is nickel and diming you.  In Atlantic City, I only play/stay in Caesars properties...and it's interesting how the different properties are different star levels so to speak.  Harrahs is probably the flagship resort, where Showboat is probably their lowest one, Ballys and Caesars are somewhere in the middle.  

Honestly, when I come to Vegas, I don't even go on the strip unless I'm seeing a show.  If I am going to stay at a Caesars property it would be Rio because it's not nearly as crowded.  I prefer to stay off strip, typically at a Boyd property.  Honestly though,  I think regardless of where you stay, depending on how you feel about things, there can always be an issue with the hotel.  It's a business, they are trying to turn them as quickly as possible.  

It would be nice if Vegas could be like other places, where the hotel section is completely non smoking and the only place you can smoke is in the casino.  

Chiseling away

Caesars Entertainment will keep prices as high as they can and keep chiseling away at the tourist dollar.  They will continue to give less for more until the tourists cry uncle.  The sad thing is i think that they are in cahoots with all the MGM properties that offer a very similar experience.  So if you choose Caesars or MGM, you will get a lot less of your entertainment dollar than you would elsewhere in Vegas.

Stays Vary

We've stayed at Flamingo several times due to free nights and very discounted rates, and it seems like luck is involved as to what experience you have.  Some rooms have been clean and nice;  some have been among the worst hotel rooms I have ever stayed in.  We stayed in a Go room once and found it very overrated-lights were burned out, the air conditioner didn't cool the room well enough, etc., with no response to our requests to correct.  That being said, for some reason I love the property-and although we don't stay there any more (we have moved our play to MLife) I always make the Flamingo a stop or two on our agenda.  

Luck of the Draw

I agree that it really is hit or miss. The first time my wife and I stayed at the Flamingo, we checked in and our room was filthy and reeked of cigar smoke. We complained and asked for a different room, which they gave us. Service was mostly pleasant and we had no issues with housekeeping during our stay. Same thing the following year. Last year, we changed to Bally's (part of a flight/hotel package deal)and the room was actually nicer than at the Flamingo and again, service was pleasant. My wife and I aren't exactly hipsters, so as long as our room is relatively clean and the staff is pleasant, we're good. I've read/heard horror stories about pretty much every hotel on the strip (including the high end places) so it really is a roll of the dice. I just hope my streak continues when we go back in August. ;-)

Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings about the Flamingo.  I really like the pool and flamingo/jungle area...it's a nice area to decompress after being around the crowds on the strip.  However, the housekeeping leaves a bit to be desired.  I am not picky so I've never complained, but during one stay a room service tray remained outside a room on my floor for three days before it was removed. That's just unsanitary.

Don't Compare Caesars with MGM

I am an avid MGM regular.  I've stayed at all of their 5-star resorts and a few of their 4-star.  When I read about the guy complaining about the cost of a room when he's a Platinum card holder at Caesars, I chuckled.  I NEVER pay for rooms.  Even last year when I had two rooms at THEHotel, I only paid a fraction of the "normal" rates for the second room.  The star rating is the most important part.  If you want 4 or 5 star service, you have to stay at 4 or 5 star hotels.  And, oh, Caesars doesn't have any 5-star hotels in Vegas...Just sain'!

Re: Don't Compare Caesars with MGM

"And, oh, Caesars doesn't have any 5-star hotels in Vegas..."

Umm, the last time I checked Nobu was a five-star property.

According to who?

Can't consider re-seller like Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity etc.

Here are more reputable reviewer.

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Actually the best thing you could have done was request to speak to management.  Most hotels don't have a problem with their employees accepting the $20 trick, but I highly doubt any of them would feel comfortable with them actively soliciting it for their own benefit.

I have yet to have a single housekeeping problem at Flamingo.  If you don't get the service you desire, there is a housekeeping button on the phone & they have workers on staff to fix something if needed.  Also have never been in dirty elevator there either (and yes I have used all 3 sets).

KRM was robbed...that's the issue

A $20 shakedown by the front desk should've got KRM an upgrade to a GO room at the very least, not just another Fab room at the same "strip view" level he/she was already paying for.

That's just a scam run by a very sleazy employee, who I bet would've gave KRM the very same room without or without the $20.

The lesson here: know the specific room tiers of the hotel you're visiting, so you can negotiate effectively if this "upgrade for $20 tip" issue comes up. If you can't get moved up, then don't bite.

Flamingo, so nice

I have stayed at the Flamingo three times and have always found the staff to be pleasant and helpful. The rooms (go or go mini suite) have been clean and beautiful. The views were great although that is not really important to me. The elevators are a wild trip. We gamble on how many "ghost" stops they will make. Everything is fun with the right attitude. No one likes resort fees, but they'll burn twenty bucks in a slot without a second thought. Sure it's not the Wynn but the price is right. Enjoy the Flamingo for what it is  or go spend $400 a night at the Venetian.


I stayed at the Wynn in early 2013 and was treated like crap by the employees as well as the other guests. #1.) The valet refused to park my car when I 1st drove up, I had a 2010 Chevy SUV, I was a little caught off-guard so I said "valet my car". The ballsy valet said "we offer free parking", I lost it and told him to "just park the F***g car". We went inside and we were hungry after a 3 1/2 hour trip from CA, being the 1st visit to Wynn I asked a security person if they could tell me where the Buffet was, his reply? "It ain't my job to give directions" I told him "thanks for nothing". As we were walking away a rude lady came over and identified herself as a Wynn employee and that I had to leave my baby's stroller outside the doors, I told her I was a guest and she said "it doesn't matter, no strollers allowed". So DezertRat, this is a 5 star hotel right? Where was the 5 star service? My point is that I have stayed in 3 star hotels that gave me superior customer service to this expensive 5 star property. Rating doesn't equal CS, trust me. BTW I have stayed at the Flamingo 2 times and never had a problem, but my brother had Fungus in his bathroom and he complained and they upgraded him to a strip view room. Like many people said, Luck of the draw!

Never had a great room

I have stayed at 7 different hotels on the strip , including Flamingo, and all have ranged from "passable" to plain ol' "nasty".
All the hotels seem to have rooms that are old, nasty and dirty...and others that are newly built or remodeled.  It's the luck of the draw, or the depth of your pockets that decides what you get. My luck has not been great.
I used to buy into the "upgraded room" scam...but no more.  I now merely make a growing list of "never again" hotels.
The funny thing is that the "cleanest" (and I use the term lightly) room I've stayed in yet was the cheapest, at the Luxor.  Go figure.
I'm seriously thinking of staying off strip next time.  If I'm going to pay for a sub-par room I only sleep in, I might as well save the resort fees.

Similar Experience

Comment and a question. A very similar situation happened to me at The Flamingo years ago. My room was comped. I wrongfully assumed that since they were comping my room, that I was a valued customer. Boy was I wrong. This was the most gawd awful room I've ever stayed in. Lamps broken, carpet stained, bathroom was a disaster with the vanity water rotted and falling apart. I'll never go back. Secondly a question. 'm confused about this article. This seems like one of hundreds of regular complaints that you can read on any review site. What made this rant special enough to get it's own piece written? I've certainly read far worse.


We like to provide a forum for our readers to air out their complaints and this was a grievance that was shared with us. Folks just like to be heard and we're happy to provide a platform for them. From the number of comments on this post as well as the responses we received on Facebook, this reader's stay proved to be a compelling launching point for a broader discussion.

good so far

I will be making my 6th trip to Vegas and will be stayin at the Flamingo again. So far each trip has been great we had one problem the first year there we didn't get the room we were told we would get, but the room they gave us was just fine and every year since then we got what we were promised. But this time will tell the tale we are getting a much more of an upgrade or so we are told guess i'll find out on September 5th! i'll update this when I get back home on the 11th stay tuned!  LOL

bye, bye Flamingo

the problem with Flamingo is the sliding GLASS door on the bathroom of a 2 bed go room. really...a glass door on the bathroom???---wont stay there again. going to planet hollywood this time


Stayed a couple years ago and was so disapointed .
tacky that a place renovate's the room but left  the bathroom the 80's style-
The area around where we got off the elevator was filled with electrical tape .
Better rooms to be seen downtown .