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When We Might Be Able To Book Renovated Rooms At The Quad

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
April 4, 2014 at 1:21 PM | by | ()

In March, we learned The Quad's room remodel was just weeks away from beginning. Now, we can confirm they are, indeed, underway.

Although quite a few VegasChatter readers have reported receiving sneak peeks of the model rooms, we've yet to see them ourselves or uncover design renderings. (If you have some you want to share on the down low, send them our way.)

While we don't know just what to expect, we can share the buzz as to when to expect it. We're hearing the goal is to bring the first batch of renovated rooms online by late August. Yes, right when SLS Las Vegas will make its debut.

And, speaking of buzz, the rumor of another name change for the Quad continues to persist. Our friends at Vital Vegas point out that the beautiful mural of The Strip in the lobby of The High Roller features all the Caesars Entertainment hotels with the exception of The Quad.

We're also hearing that The Quad name was conspicuously missing from a new video being shown as part of the revamped Jubilee over at Bally's, too. So, let the trademark searches commence!

Imperial Palace was renamed The Quad back in December 2012.

(PHOTO: Michael D. on Foursquare)

Archived Comments:

Name possibilities.....

Perhaps this is where The Ilyse name they trademarked get used.  Looking at the US Patent & Trademark Office database, the most recent name they've trademarked is Magnolia House, which sounds more like a restaurant than a hotel.  

With the plans to make the property more  upscale, perhaps they will put the Horseshoe name on the property (which is what people were thinking when they announced they would be renaming the Imperial Palace).  


When I was walking through the Quad on March 7th in the early afternoon. There was a large group of works and the manager or boss of some type. He was holding about 4 different poster size pictures of what the remodels would look like. He said that the Quad would be putting in about 300 Million into room and tower remodels. There was much cheering and they all had champagne. The  pictures looked like nothing to special. Clean rooms with a little color. I think that CET might be doing this one really well and try to become the #1 low roller joint. Clean rooms, clean casino, and cheap rooms.  

Remodel Room?

I hope that picture above is not what one remodel room would like. The couch and chairs looks like something from the 70's. Also put some paitings on the walls. It looks so bleak.

also question for 702Becca

Can you find out from your insiders what are they going to put where the old buffett use to be at the Quad. I have been hearing rumors of a Golden Corral.

room pics

I have room pics from the bartender at the Quad. He showed them to us last month and I had him forward them to me.

He said the buffer would be some "country kitchen" type buffet???  I don't remember the specific name though, sounds like maybe what you said above, something like that.


No, that's a current room, not a new one. I've yet to see pics of what a new room will look like. I'm keeping my ear to the ground about all things Quad but haven't heard anything about that. I did hear a new rumor that the old sportsbook just might be turned into a nightlife venue. It's something we reported a while back but then never heard a peep about again.

My Thoughts

I still think O'Sheas should have taken over Imperial Palace and make it a moderately themed hotel. Imagine all of IP/Quad looking like the new O'Sheas. Bring in some Irish music and Riverdance/Lord of the Dance for the showroom. This concept would have made for a nice room design.

Clean rooms, clean casino, and cheap rooms?

I can live with that, @coybotjr! When I go to Vegas on my annual trip, I'd rather spend my money on food, events, and gaming, not on my hotel room. I'm definitely not a hotel snob, I don't need the super deluxe fancy schmancy room - just give me clean sheets, a clean bathroom, and clean carpets and I'm fine. I'll just take a cab to the Mandarin Oriental where my friends are staying, the added cab fare will still be cheaper.


Thanks for the heads up, VC! You can't beat The Quad's location and I'm fine with a very simple (and clean) room remodel.
A new bed, bathroom and a flat screen for CNN are all I need. And maybe a faster elevators which are sloooow at the Quad.