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What You Can Expect When Riding The High Roller Observation Wheel

April 9, 2014 at 8:23 PM | by | ()

The High Roller. You want to ride it, but you're not sure what to expect other than killer 360-degree views from 550 feet above Las Vegas.

Well, for starters, tickets cost $24.95 a person during the day and $34.95 a person at night. (Yes, you pay more for the city lights.) There's also an involved boarding process to go through before actually stepping in the pod and riding dirrty high in the sky.

This VegasChatter'er rode The High Roller last week during the day and was a bit surprised by all the hoopla guests had to go through before getting in a pod. Granted, it all went pretty fast since I went at 1 p.m. and there was hardly a line outside, but if it had been crowded at night with drunk people everywhere, I may not have liked it as much.

Here's what to expect, step-by-step, when riding The High Roller (located at the Linq mall between Flamingo and The Quad):

Buy a ticket (duh). Last week, I had to go to the two ticket windows as the kiosks were not working. I did see a man offering to swipe credit cards via a handheld machine which prints the ticket right then and there. I guess he's the human kiosk for now.

Walk into the main entrance (still duh). Depending on the crowds, you might have to queue in maze-like lines often found at amusement parks. This is not the last time you will see these metal dividers.

Next, get your bag checked by security.

Then, walk a few more steps to get your ticket scanned.

Ride up your first set of escalators.

Enter the High Roller lounge.

Buy a $17 souvenir drink or a $13 glass of champagne. Just remember, no sex in the champagne pods. (If there were any.)

Go up another set of escalators.

Get yelled at convinced by High Roller photographers to take a photo in front of a green screen. You'll be able to pick these up after the ride.

Step into the Room of Doom a.k.a. the waiting room. You've been warned. This place could be hellish for claustrophics. Especially, if it's totally full of drunk people. As I mentioned, I was there at 1 p.m. and, even though there weren't that many people, I still had to wait there about 15 minutes. The wrap-around TV screens play cartoons as well as odd dance videos and provide instructions delivered by your "guide" Lucas, a millennial dude who is -- thankfully -- witty as he'll be with you for a while.

At last, you're ready to board the pod. But, be careful of your footing.

If you fall, there's a safety net below. We've heard that at least 40 people have already become acquainted with it.

Once inside, either take a seat on a teeny bench or find a spot near the window. Most people move around a lot during the ride so it really doesn't matter where you go. Just know that Lucas is with you nearly every step of the way. He'll be pointing out all the various Caesars properties, including the highlights of The Linq, as well as cracking some SFW jokes.

Enjoy the views. The pods do give amazing views of Vegas and they get better as you go higher up (naturally). Daytime is impressive, but nighttime is probably more spectacular. (Which is why they charge $10 more!)

Do a dance when you hit the top. Congrats! Now you get to just chill out for another 10 minutes or so as the pod works its way back to the bottom.

Exit the pod, go down the exit ramps, and down the escalator until you're dropped off inside the souvenir shop.

Check out your snapshots. The photos that you took before the ride cost $25 for one photo and $30 for two. There are four different backdrops to choose from. But, hopefully, you've taken your own selfies in the pod so you won't need these.

Buy more souvenirs. There are also a ton of souvenirs to buy, some High Roller-related and some general Vegas merchandise.

Walk out onto The Linq then head to Yard House for a brewski and immediately Facebook and Insta what you just did. You know, that is if you didn't already do it from the top of the ride.

A FEW MORE THINGS: The ride itself is great for anyone, except those with a severe fear of heights. We were only a teensy bit scared once the pod took off, namely because we were trapped in this thing for 30 minutes with people we did not know. But the pre-boarding stuff is truly annoying, especially the holding room. By comparison at The London Eye, you buy your ticket inside and then you step outside, walk up a ramp, and then board the pod. Much simpler.

Lastly, people did have children on the ride and that's fine. But again, do you want to hold onto a three-year-old in a massive holding room with scary cartoons and weird dance videos playing? We think not.

Have you tried The High Roller? What did you think? Share your thoughts in comments below!

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Archived Comments:

A must to do in Vegas

The views were breathtaking. The ride was awesome. It definitely is a must to do thing in Vegas.

I'm Ready

Nice job, Juliana.  You covered all the things I wanted to know about the High Roller.

Net Catch

Right after I got on, someone took a plunge into the net. Stopped the wheel for less than 5 minutes and when on as scheduled.

What about?

I've read that the valet is in the back. Isn't there a parking lot out there? Can you enter the Linq from back there? Can you walk down Linq Ln and enter The Linq?

There is a both parking lot and valet

@Mervis, there is a parking lot directly behind the Linq. it's super low-key (no ticket, no payment, etc) but it does fill up fast. there is also valet that is right in front of the High Roller ticket booth and next to Yard House.

Bathrioom and sex...

So where is the closest bathroom for those like me who will buy a cocktail and wait 30 mins to let it out.

Heading there Sat night for a ride.

Also you just know somehow someway someone is gonna have sex in one and it will be breaking news on TMZ

Has anyone done it at night yet?

I'm curious to know what it's like during a peak time.  There is a possibility that we may be doing it on a Friday night and I want to know how bad it's going to be.

Bathroom check

I actually didn't see any bathroom stops on the way into the pod. I think maybe there are some after you get your ticket scanned but I cannot be certain. I would actually expect the bathrooms to be near the High Roller lounge. But again, I cannot be certain. Sorry!

the linq

I just can see a bunch of drunks puking inside the pod. That is what worries me about getting on this. I really want to do this though.

Still moving?

Does the pod stop for entry? I was told it moves slow but does not stop.

Does not stop

It moves very slowly and there is plenty of time to get on and off. It will occasionally stop for folks who need assistance getting on but even that can be done while the pods are still moving.

not a good review

I have actually gotten on the high roller a couple of times and this review is not that good. Most things are true but not entirely. First of all NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has fallen on that net yet. Second: the room with the huge screen is not scary (took my claustrophobic father through it... nothing we have never seen on Disneyland) 3: almost all souvenir drinks on the strip are as costly. Almost nothing on the strip is cheap (if you want quality) 4: i like the security check because it makes me feel safe (definitely don't want weapons in there. Get your facts straight... the place is large enough to avoid long waits. I have NEVER waited 15 mins to ride the wheel and i have ridden it at night as i take my out of town visitors there all the time. I am a "regular" if i may put it that way and have gotten on it 6 times at different times of day.