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Vegas As Explained By Urban Dictionary

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If it's remotely related to Las Vegas, particularly anything having the word "Vegas" in it, we're up for chatting about it. We once read about Las Vegas, New Mexico just to obsess on our obsession. Fun Vegas fact: Due Date starring The Hangover's Zach Galifinakis was filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico where there is also a Plaza Hotel.

So, one day someone tossed the term "Vegashamed" at us and.. yadda, yadda, yadda.. we ended up on Urban Dictionary spending a few hours minutes browsing through all the Vegas-related entries. Let's see if readers are familiar with some of the cleaner ones:

· Vegashamed
The feeling you have when leaving Las Vegas when you realized you forgot your dignity and self-respect.
Is there a term for when this occurs before leaving?

· Vegas Buzzed
1. Really drunk by the standards of anywhere else in the known universe, but since you are in Vegas you say you are just buzzed.
2. When you are so drunk that you don't know where you are, but you assume it must be Vegas because you are just that messed up.

· Vegas Challenge
When a minor goes to Las Vegas and back without their parents knowing.
We're looking at you, California readers. And, that one kid from Minnesota.

· Vegas Dance Off
Taken from the main definition of dance off, but twisted for Vegas. When two or more people start dancing randomly in Las Vegas for no prize.
There's some additional criteria on this one, but we're hoping it explains most of the folks throwing down solo on Fremont.

· Vegasipation
The excitement and anticipation one has before their first trip to Las Vegas.
And, their second. And, third. And...

· Vegas Lent
A term for the period of 40 days prior to a trip to Las Vegas, typically used to prepare by drinking, practicing your gambling strategy and creating Excel spreadsheets of what you want to do and wear (especially which shoes to take).
Paige C. is in the midst of Vegas Lent. Also that period during which Vegasipation sets in.

· Vegas Shoes
Brand new shoes a girl buys with the only intention of looking hot in Las Vegas.
The same girls who end up barefoot before the end of the night.

· Vegasm
The sheer joy that is the result of partaking in all the debauchery that is Las Vegas.
Not to be confused with the same entry, but lowercase "vegasm" which involves cucumbers or carrots.

· Vegas Voice
The raspy voice one has after returning from a bender in Vegas. Generally accompanied by no ailments other than a pounding hangover. Lasts 2-3 days after returning to the real world. Vegas Voice is often attributed to throwing back ungodly amounts of booze, smoking cigarettes and cigars, and making other ill-advised decisions.

· Vegas Lip
The condition by which your upper lip -- having been subjected to the arid, air-conditioned, cigarette-infused air of Las Vegas combined with excessive consumption of alcohol and/or other substances -- dehydrates to the consistency of a flaky, shriveled raisin.
Not uncommon to be seen with Vegas Voice.

· Vegas Vortex
When you party so hard in Vegas you want to change your flight in order to leave early as a result of the Vegas vortex.
A good spot for us to close out of Urban Dictionary.

Familiar with some of these more than others? Have a favorite Vegasism you want to highlight? (And, hey! We need to enter that!) Peruse some of the others we left out here, but were horrified amused by over at the original UD.

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Archived Comments:

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown, Mr. P

@LasVegasChatter (as in Las Vegas, NM) was a thing on Twitter! And, apparently, quite a few people think it is us from the list of followers.

(If you want to follow us on Twitter, we're just the plain ol' @VegasChatter.)


I have to admit, Vegas Lip had me gigglensnorting...although you don't need to be drinking or smoking to do that...just being in the desert for so long...Another one would be Vegas Dry Mouth.  Basically your mouth feels like you have cotton balls in it constantly whilst being in Vegas and no matter how much you drink (not alcohol) you can not  get the moisture back.  Happens to me all the time when I'm out there.


And LasVegasChatter.com redirects to Caesars.com.  Perhaps the whole New Mexico city is just a marketing front...

This is awesome!

Vegas Lent? Priceless. My Vegas Lent includes loading up on Emergen-C, Airborne, Echinacea and water in the 2-3 days before take off.

I have never returned from a non-business trip to LV without Vegas Voice.  Hilarious.

Vegas Eye

Contracting pink eye at Hooters then playing 3 card poker and asking the pit boss at Planet Hollywood to comp you a slice of cheese a few hours later before he makes you see a doctor.

Vegas Cooler Pros

Those who have been to vegas many times take their own coolers.  Not for alocohol, it's free...sort of, but filled with WATER!!!

Ocean's Eleven

The practice of parties of three or more pedestrians walking abreast on the sidewalk or in the hotels of Las Vegas, like the publicity shots of the Rat Pack for the movie of the same name.

"I would have been here sooner, but there was a group of six in front of me that was Ocean's Eleven all the way from Caesars!"


Does Vegasipation and Vegas Lent lead to possible premature vegasulation? Because I am pretty sure that happened on our last trip. So much so that I asked her to plan our next trip and not tell me until one day prior to take off. Next trip time is 9 days away and we have been doing our standard count down from 60 days and my powerpoint presentation of  potential things to do is complete. :-)

30+ trip to Vegas and Counting...

And I still get Vegasipation, Vegas lent, and, yes, premature Vegasulation (I like this one). SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

I forgot to mention

My definition of Premature Vegasulation is when you preform all your Vegas Lent and have built up expectations prior to your trip and when it comes down to the moments you have dreamed about. The dreams were better than the actual event itself. Either due to the company you are with or the event isn't worth a crud.
@Dezrat I figure it like this. They took away Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy but they better not take away the fun out of Vegas whether it's being there or looking forward to being there. I would be crushed.

Vegas Distance

You need to include Vegas Distance - when something looks close but really isn't because of how big the property it (or you) is on actually is. (example, the Eiffel Tower at the Paris looks real close to Harrah's because there are only a few buildings between them, but it's actually a 15 minute walk).