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Checking Up On The Delano's Takeover Of THEhotel

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April 9, 2014 at 1:36 PM | by | ()

The living area in a standard suite at THEhotel.

After Vegas delays, the Delano still cometh at Mandalay Bay.

VegasChatter fan Karen from Pittsburgh recently wrote in to ask us for an update:

If anyone would know, I figure it would be one of you guys. We are coming to Vegas in late September, and have to stay at Mandalay Bay for the Barrett Jackson Auction (Sept. 25-27). But I was wondering if The Hotel would be completed as The Delano. I would love to stay there if it was done, and I can't find any good info on it. When going to book rooms, it still comes up at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay.

Well, Karen, we're happy to report that work is finally underway to brand THEhotel with the South Beach vibe of the Delano name. For those that don't know, the chain was due to arrive in December 2013, but that was pushed back to "early 2014".. and then to March.. and then to "summer 2014" which we just confirmed is still expected to be sometime around September or October.

As to whether things will be done in time for Barrett Jackson, a representative tells that Delano rooms will be available for reservation during the annual car auction. We're promised that more details on the Delano are coming soon.

The Delano will completely renovate all 1,100 of the accommodations in THEhotel's tower and its spa, too. Official renderings have yet to be released. It's also unclear how much room rates will change. The Delano brand was once due to open in the failed Echelon project by Boyd Gaming.

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Archived Comments:


I love THEHotel. The dark colors, the relaxing scent they pipe in the lobby, the quietness of it. Only thing I don't like is the old TV's, and the valet being in a parking garage. Should have given it a swanky porte-cochère.  Really hoping they don't turn it into a South Strip Cosmo or SLS knockoff.

I agree

I love THEHotel- I hope they don't change it as much..


How much work is going on?  I check into TheHotel on Saturday and if they have it all ripped up I'll probably want to try and move my room somewhere else.  Same for being woken up by early morning construction noise.


I don't have their specific plan but they were aiming to do a few floors at a time. I did check TripAdvisor and one person complained about banging "maintenance" noise around 7 a.m. recently. I also saw someone complaining about a lack of water one night and that they were told it was due to flooding in the spa. Unfortunately, I don't know when work will begin on the lobby or how much it will change.

Too Bad

Stayed there during my wedding and a few other times and was mostly a great experience.  Nice rooms, no craziness when you get off the elevator, and NEVER a line for cabs!  It's kind of like a secret spot for smart travelers who know about it.

Hate to say it but the Delano is going to struggle in that space unless they drop prices.  THEHotel was already above average in price, especially for being on the Mandalay property.  If the prices start around $300/night, which sounds likely for this hotel brand, who's going to stay there? They won't even have their own pool, and who wants to get splashed by kids at Mandalay?  You might as well stay at The Four Seasons for those prices, or Wynn/Encore.

Very sad

it will be missed! Agree, the old plasma tv stuck out, but otherwise loved the place.


Loved my stay last October in THEhotel. The suite was the best I've stayed at in town (tub was heavenly), MiX lounge was spectacular and the 30 second walk from Mandalay to THE  was like leaving chaos and entering serenity. Suppose it was getting a little dated though and Vegas never lets well enough alone for too long. Hopefully it will be a draw for the stagnating south end of the strip.

When will construction end?

When will all the rooms be renovated?  If I have reservations in late September, how will I know if I am getting a remodeled room?