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The 6 Hottest Hunks Of Vegas

May 22, 2014 at 3:53 PM | by | ()

It wasn’t long ago that a Vegas performer was content to stand at a microphone, backed by a trio of singers doing the same synchronized hip-swaying. But, ever since Cirque du Soleil gained a foothold on the Las Vegas Strip, other shows have had to up their game. Today’s headliners are surrounded by dancers, acrobats and aerialists. Not only that, the traditional Las Vegas showgirl is almost a memory. Today's Vegas belongs to showboys, so to speak.

Smooth, chiseled to perfection and eager to bare their flesh, the supporting male performers of today’s Sin City are bachelorette party ready. They also appeal to the ever-increasing LGBTQ market. We’ll give gay icon Celine Dion credit for making the first move on this front as her A New Day! at Caesars Palace was bursting with male eye candy. Now, both new and revamped productions have gotten into the act.

It’s hard not to notice that, just like the showgirls of yesteryear, contemporary Vegas hunks are largely anonymous. You might remember those bare pecs, but who did they belong to? On a quest to correct this terrible injustice, VegasChatter is putting a name to those unsung abs faces. We’ll save you the trouble of lurking around the Las Vegas Athletic Club as we’ve already done the research (part of a day’s work, of course).

So, here they are, in no particular order -- the six Hottest Hunks of Vegas!

David O’mer

(Vegas Nocturne at Rose.Rabbit.Lie., The Cosmopolitan)

Within the halls of the VegasChatter offices, David O’Mer is gushingly known as “the bathtub guy.” Check out Vegas Nocturne at Cosmo’s Rose.Rabbit.Lie. and you'll find out why.

O’mer has a playfully sexy act that gets audiences more than a little moist. (We’ll leave it at that.) His erotic moves inside and above a clawfoot tub, clad only in a pair of soaking Levi’s, will have you wishing you were a rubber duckie. This Berlin aerialist and star of German vaudeville is also a competitive skydiver so he’s obviously quite comfortable with being aloft.

Noteworthy trait: Looks great with wet hair.

Victor Arata

(V - The Ultimate Variety Show, Planet Hollywood)

You may remember Victor Arata as the male half of Absinthe’s original roller-duo, the Skating Aratas. Featured during the first year of that vaudeville tent spectacular, he and wife Jenny crossed over to David Saxe’s V Theater while Absinthe was on hiatus.

This UK bodybuilder/performer represents the seventh generation of a “circus family” and won the BBC talent show When Will I Be Famous at the age of 17. These days, aside from his stunning skating moves, Victor wows audiences just by removing his shirt. Yes, he stops the act for absolutely no other reason than to display his manly torso. We admire his confidence... and everything else about him.

Noteworthy trait: Manages to make "dad" jeans look sexy.

Ilir Avdyli

(Le Reve - The Dream, Wynn)

We first became acquainted with Ilir Avdyli through his six nightly performances at Rio’s now-defunct Show In The Sky. While Chippendales star Jaymes Vaughan (a hunk in his own right) belted out the lead vocals, Ilir garnered attention by regularly ripping open his shirt and flexing a stunning set of abdominals.

The Albanian-born dancer is now tearing it up on a different stage at Le Reve - The Dream. And, while he’s yet to appear shirtless in this production, he's no longer hampered by those annoying buttons. Avdyli recently performed with the legendary Rita Moreno at Keep Memory Alive’s Power of Love Gala. He also lent his considerable sex appeal to Broadway Bares Las Vegas, an annual AIDS fundraising event. Hot bod and a devout humanitarian? We ABS-olutely approve.

Noteworthy trait: Mysterious bad-boy smile.

Alejandro Domingo

(VEGAS! The Show, Planet Hollywood)

Most of the recent media coverage for VEGAS! The Show has been to trumpet the arrival of former PEEPSHOWer Josh Strickland. And, once again, our eyes were diverted to the rear of the stage (pun intended), where dance captain Alejandro Domingo was working hard to capture our gaze. And, it wasn't very hard with that physique and face.

This former competitive soccer player studied ballet, musical theater, salsa, jazz and contemporary dance in his home city of Buenos Aires before coming to Las Vegas in 2012. After a year with the showgirls of Jubilee, he’s wowing audiences at VEGAS! The Show which, ironically, salutes the showgirl era. Somehow, this requires removing his shirt more than once (not that we're complaining). Don’t cry for us, Argentina. We’ll let Alejandro come back to visit... just not anytime soon.

Noteworthy trait: Sexiest abs in Vegas.

Michal Furmanczyk

(Absinthe, Caesars Palace)

Absinthe makes a second appearance on our list with acrobat Michal Furmanczyk. This tall, super-lean strongman hails from Warsaw, Poland, and is one half of the bodyguard team for Absinthe emcee, The Gazillionaire. That is, until he and partner Lukasz Szczerba tear off their black business suits to reveal white tights underneath. All the better to perform a stunning, erotic hand-balancing act.

Known as "Misha 10-pack" to his friends, Michal is a big fan of innovative home and product designs and enjoys promoting healthy living and positivity. That is when he isn’t doing impromptu stripteases or spontaneous handstands throughout the city.

Notable trait: Zero body fat.

Ryan Stuart

(Chippendales, Rio)

We know, you’re already crying foul. How can any Chippendales performer be considered “unsung”? Well, we may be stretching the criteria a bit, but just had to find a way to get Ryan Stuart onto this list. It’s fair to point out that he is relegated to the background for much of the Rio production, especially since co-performers James Leigh Davis and the multi-tasking Jaymes Vaughan gained worldwide attention for their stint on The Amazing Race.

It’s Stuart, however, that's made the Vegas chapter of Chippendales an international affair. He’s the first Australian to join the male revue. A dedicated animal rights activist, Ryan shares his Vegas home with his partner (a dancer at Le Reve) and their dogs, Bruno and Samson. Ryan is currently prepping for a bodybuilding competition and hopes to one day be an entertainment reporter. We at VegasChatter would definitely not mind having Mr. Stuart hang around our offices, especially on extremely casual Fridays.

Noteworthy trait: Intensely blue eyes.

(Photo at top: Savio B. on Foursquare)

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