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The Eiffel Tower vs. The High Roller: Which One Should You Choose?

May 20, 2014 at 4:58 PM | by | ()

When riding the High Roller last month at The Linq, we couldn't help but wonder if the views of Las Vegas and beyond were really that exclusive, especially when the Eiffel Tower at Paris has been giving the same sort of views for the past 15 years.

So we rode up the Eiffel Tower the other week to do a bit of comparison.

· The Eiffel Tower costs $14 for an adult ticket. The High Roller is $24.95 during the day and $34.95 from 6 p.m. on. Winner: Eiffel Tower

· The Eiffel Tower is pretty straightforward. Ride up an elevator and, voila!, viewing time. The High Roller puts you through an elaborate boarding process before you get to even step into the observation wheel pods. Winner: Eiffel Tower

· The Eiffel Tower lets you make your own time. You can hang out as long or as little as you want. The High Roller traps keeps you in the pod for about 30 minutes. Winner: Eiffel Tower (Unless you hook up in the pod then: High Roller)

· The Eiffel Tower has limited views because of the fence that surrounds the observation deck. The High Roller lets you see free and clear... as long as you can jostle your way up to the pod window. Winner: The High Roller

· The Eiffel Tower has a kick-ass tour guide named Vearne who can remember every single date in Vegas history and the dollar amounts casinos have spent to build their properties. The High Roller has a witty millennial video tour guide named Lucas who talks only about Caesars Entertainment properties on The Strip. Winner: Eiffel Tower

· The Eiffel Tower lets you not only see the Bellagio Fountains from pretty much directly above, but you can hear the music, too. The High Roller offers a glimpse of the fountains and you can only hear Lucas and your drunken pod-mates. Winner: Eiffel Tower

In short, the Eiffel Tower is a great alternative for folks who don't want to be trapped on an observation wheel for 30 minutes. The views, through a fence, are still incredible but they are a little restricted. The High Roller definitely gives you some entertainment with your ticket and it is a novel experience, but if that's not important to you, the Eiffel Tower will be just fine.

[Photos and Video: VegasChatter]

Archived Comments:

too far back

I think the high roller is encountering the same issues as the failed Monorail, in that its waaaaaay too far back.

I love how the high roller looks, and its definitely an amazing piece of structure, but the location sucks.

They should have built it right on the strip, kind of like where the Eiffel tower is.

I think also they were going too much for the "worlds largest ferris wheel" record. They could have scaled the size down a bit, and made it actually rotate around a couple times, instead of going around ONCE in a 30 minute span.

Are you kidding?

The Eiffel Tower is a big tourist trap and I tell this to everybody who asks me tips about Vegas. And it is even worse Oct-Feb when you can freeze up there.
If you think the High Roller is worse I will be certainly not spending 35 bucks on it.

Eiffel Tower?

So after my last trip when I finally did the Eiffel Tower thing I was disappointed to say the least.  The wife and I had been up to the Foundation Room a few nights before and had a blast.  Haven't done the High Roller yet, so I can't compare to that.

The Eiffel Tower was a rip off though.  The views are really obscured with the fencing and the wait to get up there at night, at least the night we went (a Wednesday) was an hour.  All in all we felt like it was a waste of our time and money.

Going to try the High Roller out soon.


The Eiffel Tower a winner?

First off, your comparison was flawed; it looked like you went during the day. This isn't consistent with Vegas tourists who want to see the Strip they way it was intended: at night, all lit up. Who wants to see sun-bleached buildings with fading paint and window tint that needed replacing back in the 20th century? The Strip 'comes alive' when the sun goes down and the lights come on. That should have been when you decided to go.

And based off of the experience my wife and I had, the Eiffel Tower was a waste of time: we went around 10:00pm or so in the middle of July, waited around 30 minutes (perhaps more) for the ONE elevator to take us and our group up to the observation deck, took our pictures (which was difficult, since hordes of people were gathered in every tiny nook and crevice they could find), then had to wait another 30+ minutes to get back down because they still only had ONE elevator ferrying people to and from the ground. Total time wasted: about an hour and a half, maybe more.

I can see some benefits of the High Roller, and despite the ticket price I'm a little tempted to give it a go. Sure it is a little off the Strip, but based on videos I've watched it seems like a much better - and better organized - experience than the Eiffel Tower.

Timing is everything....

I agree that the wait to both go up and come back down from the Eiffel Tower can get lengthy, but if you can time it right, these waits aren't too bad. I also agree that the nighttime view is a much better view than daytime. Haven't been on the High Roller yet, but have been up the Eiffel Tower several times, both during the day and at night. Each time I was able to use a 2-for-1 coupon, which makes the price even better. The views at night from up there are amazing, and I recommend it to anyone that I talk to about Vegas.

High Roller HANDS DOWN

Nuff said


Did not know you could up to the top of the Eiffel tower. Thought it was just a façade like so many other buildings in Las Vegas

High Roller

We were just in Vegas last week.  I agree with my husband, who says why pay $40 to see scenery that we have seen from our hotel rooms so many times?  I took some great pics from our window at the Rio, also from the top of the parking garage.

High roller has little appeal.

I was tempted to go on the High Roller last week, but the price is just too high. I would be willing to pay the day pricing for night, but $35 is just too high.


I find it interesting that people find the High Roller overpriced, considering the prices of everything else on the strip

High Roller could be fun...

But for me, I really enjoyed watching the Bellagio fountains and hearing the music to it too. I also liked just being able to lollygag around the observation deck. And seriously, if you have not heard Vearne spout off his Vegas facts (he has eidetic memory), you should go up to Eiffel Tower just to hear him talk.

The High Roller is definitely more exciting and a cool thing to try, especially if you've never been on an observation wheel before. But the boarding process turned me off, especially the holding room they put you in for about 15 minutes while crazy videos and music plays. I would much rather just take it easy in the Eiffel Tower. Then again, I am a Francophile so I might be biased.

Lastly, I did ride both the High Roller and the Eiffel Tower during the middle of the week in the middle of the day. So I had little to no crowds to deal with. Still, I'd rather be stuck waiting on the casino floor with a souvenir drink for the Eiffel Tower elevator rather than in the holding room at the High Roller.


One factor not mentioned in the article is the weather. Come January would you rather brave the cold breezes atop Eiffel or be sitting in a climate-controled pod? Another aspect in the roller's favor is that during the ride it offers a variety of views at different heights whereas the Eiffel offers only one level of viewing.


both are a waste of time & money spend it on an upgrade for your room ask for highest floor possible with strip view look at all the boring buildings made with thick styrofoam & a thin facade  for as long as you like

Umm, Stratosphere.

View wise I would rate the Stratosphere's observation deck as one of the best publicly accessible views in Vegas and the view and food from Top of the World is exceptional.  

yeah... the strat

The strat has a great view and 2 for 1 coupons are everywhere.  The Roller would be better if the location was different.  You spend half of your time looking at the back of casinos and parking garages.....oh a great view of Ellis Island........

Neither is as good as the Rio Zipline

I have seen the view from both of these I don't know if it is the same for locals but I was kind of disappointed, Coming to Vegas for the first time and wanting to see more than just the rooftops of the casinos, I think that the zipline at Rio has a much better view of the city, not to mention you have great photo opportunities while you are waiting and on the ride. This for me was better than either of the others. You get to ride a zipline and see an amazing view. Plus with the Zipline its totally affordable for anyone, and  you get to  see the whole city while you let the anticipation grow for the ride, as well as having a great time waiting, I would ride the zipline everyday if I was a local!!

Both attraction not on strip

The High Roller may be a bit off of the strip but so is the Eiffel tower considering you have to go thru the casino and then around the bridge. So that previous comparison is not valid, sorry. Every Vegas attraction has their good/bad sides. For the prices that r charged through.... Google "free things to do in Vegas", can't argue with free lol.