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At Rio, Not A Bird Nor A Plane But Zipline Test Riders

May 19, 2014 at 5:19 PM | by | ()

Will the Rio's delayed VooDoo Zip Line finally open this Friday, May 23?

Signs are hopeful with an inside source telling our friends at Vegas Rover today that this weekend is still a go with either a Friday or a Saturday, May 24 debut. Test riders were spotted flying between the off-Strip resort's hotel towers throughout the weekend. VegasChatter reader Henry M. reports visiting family at the Rio who had a "great view of the loading zone." He tells us single riders were taking multiple trips all Saturday afternoon. Henry snapped the pictures you see at the top of this post as well as just below.

Test flyers were also spied on Friday by VegasChatter friend Nick P. who shared these two images:

As we mentioned previously, pricing has disappeared from the VooDoo Zip Line website, however, a sign located on-site reportedly lists admission as $27.49 from opening until 5:30 p.m. and $42.50 from then until midnight. The zipline will open at noon Monday through Thursday and at 10 a.m. Friday through Sunday.

The sky-high attraction -- some 500 feet above ground -- will send riders soaring between the Rio's towers at speeds up to 33 miles per hour.

(PHOTOS: Henry M., Nick P.)

Archived Comments:


Wow, is it just me or is that price point really high?

Price Point

Wow. $42.50 is high. I can see $37 or so dollars, but almost $50 bucks? One has to wonder if there are any additional service fees added on to that as well that are not listed. I can see this price coming down after a bit.


Wow, the FSE zipline is $20.  That's quite a difference.


Looks unreal.  The view at night and the soaring speeds of 33 mph, ya.....I'll try it!  Anything under $50 in Vegas is chump change these days. Vegas is the rip off Capital of the world!  Deal with it.

Too Much

Are these prices for a single rider or two, since the ride vehicle they are using holds two people? The prices are too high, especially the night price since the ride primarily flies away from the Strip. The Strip is behind you.

price is too high

Price is high but I understand since theres only 1 line (vs slotzilla has 3 lines allowing 3 people to go at one tine), and since rios ur going and also going backwards price per person would have to be higher than Slotzilla since it takes double to triple the amount of time for one person to ride vs 3 at slotzilla. If word gets out and people say its the coolest experience ever then maybe people might be willing to spend up to $50. But after a year theres probably a high chance for the price to drop.

4 Up and Over

Slotzilla's lower lines accommodate four people at once.


the novelty wear off itll be 20 bucks by end of year, & seriously if this excites you save up the 200 and go skydiving best thrill you can get & the memory will last longer what is this a 10 second ride?