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A Closer Look At The 'Park' That's Coming To The Strip

May 5, 2014 at 2:12 PM | by | ()

New plans for Monte Carlo and New York-New York as well as the land between them creates an expanded plaza while bringing new dining options to both sides of a reconfigured Rue de Monte Carlo.

The project's reboot was announced last week. Full details can be read here. Essentially, executives will give the main road leading to Monte Carlo's porte cochere a serpentine twist to add new structures to the south side of Monte Carlo. They've also greatly enlarged a promenade on the north side of New York-New York while providing additional eateries on that side as well.

While six new dining experiences were unveiled last week, it wasn't clear just where they would be placed. We enquired and have learned that Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row and Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar will be built out from the south side of Monte Carlo while Bruxie, Sake Rok, a beer garden and a Robert Mondavi Jr. wine experience will branch off of the north side of New York-New York.

Additional outlets are on the way, but have yet to be announced.

Also, if you watch the YouTube animation of The Park closely, you'll notice that an escalator will be attached to the north side of the New York-New York garage and will spill visitors from that structure directly in front of the 20,000-seat arena which broke ground last week and is expected to be complete in 2016.

Also forthcoming for New York-New York is the opening of Hershey's Chocolate World later this month. Meanwhile, Tom's Urban and Shake Shack are slated to debut in December.

The multi-million dollar transformation taking place to both resorts has already brought Double Barrel Roadhouse, 800 Degrees Pizza, Yusho, BLVD Creamery, and Sambalatte to Monte Carlo while New York-New York has debuted Swatch, Starbucks, Stupidiotic, and I Love NYNY as well as a revamped Brooklyn Bridge.


Archived Comments:

Not excited

Welcome to the new Las Vegas, where it's all about tree lined parks, semi-unique restaurants, and over priced shops. Same thing you can get in just about any major city. Wake me up in 20 years when this phase is over and we get back to making this a unique destination.

9/11 Memorial

I am disappointed in the announcement that there is no mention of a replacement for the 9/11 Memorial that was in front of the NY-NY before the remodel began. I was hoping that they would build a new memorial with the shirts, in the Park. It seems like this would be a great area for it. Place it somewhere on the NY-NY side of the Park.  


I don't think they intended to host the exhibit again. Last I heard, everything is being held at UNLV until a future home is chosen. As of yet, none have been named.


Totally agree with you. Will definitely not be coming to the Strip again for a while, I'm not ruling out Fremont street yet though, it's still fun downtown. Let's hope it stays that way, CET and MGM are ruining the once fantastic Strip.

Uniqueness remains

Las Vegas is constantly evolving. Twenty-five years ago people were complaining that the mega-resorts were robbing the strip of its charm and history...now some of those same folks are probably complaining about the de-theming of the resorts they originally complained about!  The whole of the strip is still very unique.  Where else can you find a scaled replica of the Eiffel Tower? Where else can you see a water display like the Bellagio Fountains? Where else can you ride the world's highest observation wheel? The strip and Vegas in general remains a very dynamic place for a lot of us.


I totally agree with you!  We still go every three or four months and have a great time!  Plus, it's kind of fun that there is always new stuff that has opened since the last time we were there.  On next trip's agenda (end of this month) - Sambalatte, The Cromwell and The Linq. (since there was like 3 things open when we were there in February)  Apparently it is impossible to keep everyone happy, but Vegas still makes us smile.  =)

Happy but....

The renderings of the park projects look good but are totally unrealistic. When have you seen so few people meandering in a space on the strip? Take a look at the sidewalks and common spaces on LV blvd now and you will get a better idea of what these spaces will feel like when the park is completed.

Photoshop rides again?

The renderings kind of remind me of the very realistic ones I saw for the Quad when it first opened.  Pictures made it look beautiful, and new.  Upon booking a room there I was shocked to find out it was the freshly bought Imperial Palace...with the complete façade torn down, decked with scaffolding, and the inside that looked 50 yrs old.
Needless to say, I was pretty naïve as to what was "new" or "bought out" in Vegas...I do my research first now.