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At Aria's Pool, Wine Not?

May 6, 2014 at 12:43 PM | by | ()

Bottle service poolside is nothing new in Vegas, but usually those bottles aren't filled with wine.

Aria, however, is making sure there are no sour grapes with its pool guests and is now offering a poolside vino service. Order a bottle and have it delivered straight to your lounger. To combat the heat, the wine is presented in a carafe cradled in an eight-inch block of ice.

If you'd rather spend your money guaranteeing you actually have a lounger, the CityCenter resort will let guests reserve them online now. Just visit LoungeReserve.com and select the date you're interested in to hold up to 20 chairs. Rates seem to be $15 per chair, midweek. Pricing on the weekend fluctuates between $15 to $40 a lounger, depending on the date.

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Archived Comments:

Anything to make money

Just checked out the new "exclusive" pool areas, and sure enough, the area where we've always used is now off limits unless we pay for it...

Nickel and diming our interest slowly but surely away from this place...  

Lounge Reserve

Very intrigued by this  Lounge Reserve idea.  So I will not have to get up early to get a great seat by the pool?! Sounds amazing.... They should have this everywhere!!