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Double Barrel Calls Automatic Gratuity On Small Parties 'Opening Kink'

Where: 3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
May 9, 2014 at 5:18 PM | by | ()

While we didn't get an official response on a WTF receipt drowning in fees, Double Barrel Roadhouse is (kinda) acknowledging our report.

Yesterday, the restaurant/bar's Facebook and Twitter accounts sent out this message to followers:

This all started when a VegasChatter member noticed that his bill for a single $8 Bud Light included an auto-gratuity, a service charge, an entertainment tax and sales tax bringing the grand total to $11.05. Yes, for one pint of Bud.

Now, the Monte Carlo dining establishment (which opened in March) is offering to discount return trips by 50 percent if patrons have a receipt showing the same auto-tip happened to their party of five or less, too. That's great for locals, but hopefully the offer is open-ended for tourists who may have already left town. We also hope that @paperposter held onto his receipt after sharing it with us so he can redeem the offer as well.

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Archived Comments:


i highly doubt many people hold onto their receipts, especially for a $8.00 beer.

What exactly is an entertainment tax though??


The point should be that no Bud Light beer should ever cost $8.00 ...  Craft beer sure.  There is still no explanation for what the service charge is all about.  How about a Bud Light for $8.00 even.  Including tax?  That would be okay (for the high traffic tourist trap).

Pressure from us

we helped pressure them.

we tagged them on social media and also sent an email to corp office telling them of their mistake
and also how our marketing agency can help them with their marketing.

yours truly,

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Was this really a mistake on their part or doing it until they got caught?

In any event, thanks VC! It' just another reminder for my husband and me to go over all reciepts.

i agree

they were probably like "eh nobody's gonna notice" and then they were like "oh shooot, its on social media sites like vegas chatter!! um.....say it was a "opening kink" and off them 50% next visit!!  

rib dinner here i come

i have my recipt

hope they honor it for a while as im traveling.

ps is there a contact person when they have no idea what im talking about when i show up and ask for 50% off

service sharge

cam they still expalin the srevice charge, was i suposed to pour my own beer cook my own meal ,its still confusing

Not impressed

This is a chicken shit way of them apologizing for the "error".  As noted above, I bet less than 5% of all previous customers have their receipts and only a small percentage of them will ever be able to take advantage of this offer.   They should have figured out how much was fraudently collected and donated it all to Opportunity Village (or some other worthwhile charity).  As it stands now, they collected a lot more off this auto gratuity charge than what they will ever discount with this offer.  The customer gets screwed once again and they walk away with fat wallets.

Still wont get my business!

I'm not buying this was a "mistake" and now they should be forgiven. They are greedy and I have no intention of ever stepping foot in their restaurant.

damn cant find my reciept

got figure cant find reciept from the trip in march  ugh

Not that it matters..

But I discussed this on Wednesday with the Manager of Hotel32 (I'm presently staying here) and showed her the receipt I put a copy on my phone to bring it to their attention.  She was quite surprised. But she did notice the time of the receipt, after midnight, and wondered if a band was playing, but also said that these things should be disclosed before a purchase is made. I'm sure that didn't turn DBR around, but it did add to the pressure.


@aircrew The entertainment tax is an extra tax charged during any live entertainment. IE, if a band or act is playing in the venue you are at, either the drinks cost more of the venue has to absorb and pay the tax.

I paid $7 for a Heineken at Wynn maybe 3 years ago. $8 for a draft light beer pint is robbery.

Be interesting the see the prices at SLS with this attitude. Double Barrel isn't Hyde, and Sammy Boy (Entertainment) isn't in Los Angeles or Miami this time.


I know I don't ever hold onto receipts after visiting a restaurant. If I had eaten here my receipt would've been long gone by now. It's a nice gesture but one that seems kind of cheap in hindsight since very few people will probably actually still have proof.

What A Crock!

I call 100% BS on this "mistake". They got called out and never figured they would. As somebody has already mentioned, they will have made FAR more money on this little scam than they will "lose" by giving 50% off to a handful of people. This nickel and diming crap drives me crazy and I can assure the Double Barrel Roadhouse that they will NEVER have to worry about seeing me in their establishment. There are way too many other places I can give my money to that won't try and play me for a fool.


If you are a new business, the owner and or manager would be watching the cash register and receipts like a hawk. They would have caught these "mistakes" IMMEDIATELY. For them to claim they didn't know about it until someone told them about it, that's BS. Business owners DO NOT ignore their income!!! Especially brand new business owners.

Let's do a little math here.....

Double Barrel has been open 2 full months now.   I know the check that brought this to everyone's attention was just a bottle of beer, but lets figure the average size party is 2.5 people and the check is $100 (prior to gratuity add on).  If they've averaged 500 tickets per day (maybe less on some weekdays....probably lots more on weekends), thats $100*18%*500 tickets*60 days=$540,000 "mistakenly" collected.  Maybe $40,000 in discounts will be passed on customers through discounts when bringing in receipts (seriously, I doubt it will be that much).   I really want to see the other $500,000 that was collected donated to charity before DBR (or SLS) sees a dime from me.   Otherwise, I'll assume this is a business that's fine taking advantage of its customers and lining it's pockets through any means.....and thats a company I can definitely choose not to do business with as a result.

Glad to see

That vegaschatter came through with some weight behind the original article and showed Double Barrel that customers who visit there restaurant also could be visiting this website daily!

who gets the gratuity?

Everyone seems to be assuming that the restaurant collected the extra gratuity, but isn't it more likely that the server  collected the money?  While still a rip-off to the consumer, it makes it more likely in my mind that it was done in error and perhaps it was the people collecting the additional money that chose to say nothing.

Who gets the gratuity

I think you nailed it. I don't think this was intentional by management because they probably did not profit by it.  Did servers know?  I'll bet they did.  When I worked in a restaurant, I was aware of everything on the bills of my customers.  Management may or may not have been made aware of it.  
I, like others, would still like to have an explanation for the service charge.  I also think that if you are charging $8 for an item of that quality, you should eat the entertainment charge.
Unfortunately there are far too many places on the strip that have no hesitation to hit the customer for every penny they can.   I fear that by the time they learn this costly lesson, the public will have decided to take their hard earned dollars elsewhere and by then it will be too late.  Resort fees, 6-5 blackjack, $5 bottled water (or charging for tap water).  Will charging for parking be next?  It wouldn't surprise me.  They would charge you admission to the casino if they thought they could get away with it.  

The travesty

is not that $11.05 was charged for a pint of beer, but that it was charged for a pint of Bud Light.

There is no damage control in the world that can right that wrong, and DB knows it. Free Bud Lights for the next ten years wouldn't even suffice.

Workers likely at fault

I personally think that if there was anything malicious it was the bartender adding those fees, not the restaurant because the bartender stands to gain not the restaurant. I think this is a good faith effort on DB's part and I am sure they have scolded the wait staff on not to do this again.

That said, as many have pointed out, the place is just too damn expensive in the first place.  $8 Bud Light...I find them for $5 in Manhattan, NY.

Air Fee

Vegas sure does hate the tourists that keep it afloat.