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Searching For Coffee Breaks On The Strip That Won't Break The Bank

June 23, 2014 at 1:21 PM | by | ()

While many Vegas visitors are looking for the largest drinking vessel at the lowest price for alcoholic beverages, some just want a good cup of coffee. The goal is to still have a little left to spend at the tables. Starbucks are pretty much on every corner, with some hotels offering multiple locations, though VegasChatter reader Tom G. wanted to know where to get a decent cup of coffee on the Strip thatís actually affordable. The easy answer is you can get good coffee or cheap coffee, but not both. More often the easiest to find is moderately to expensively priced mediocre coffee. Most of the Starbucks on The Strip are even more pricey than their off-Strip incarnations.

The newest coffee shop on The Strip is one of the best. Though not what we would call cheap, Sambalatte on the plaza at Monte Carlo offers high-quality products and serves them with flair. Think fancy frothy designs in your cappuccino foam. You should ask them to try and recreate the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Why not? You might get lucky. While coffee purists may not value the literal fluff, rest assured you are also getting a beverage thatís as delicious as it is beautiful. Personal favorites include the Nutella Latte and White Chocolate Mocha. For those not into the sweet stuff, a small coffee is $3.78 and a cappuccino is $4.86.

Just a short walk away is The Roasted Bean at ARIA. This conveniently located coffee shop is just inside the entrance from the self-park, nestled by the poker room. A coffee will set you back $3.51 or you can shell out a little extra for a cappuccino at $5.31. Thereís also a Roasted Bean at The Mirage.

Keeping with the $3.51 theme is Palio at Bellagio which has the same price for a cup of coffee, but comes with a patio view of the entrance to the Bellagio pool. Upgrade to a cappuccino for $5.68.

Across the Strip at Palazzo is Espressamente Illy which is very similarly priced (coffee for $3.24 and cappuccino for $5.35), but is more flavorful, at least to this caffeine-craving writer. The bolder flavors of Illy top most regular coffees we have sipped on The Strip, though Sambalatte still wins in the sweet drink category.

Where have you enjoyed a java fix on The Strip? And more importantly, where (if anywhere) did you find a good deal?

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I like the coffee at PRESS at Four Seasons but I tend to wince as I hand over my debit card.

Va Bene Caffe

While it's not cheap, I personally think that the coffee at Va Bene Caffe in Cosmopolitan is the best on the Strip, and maybe top 5 of the coffees I've ever had. I know it's just Illy coffee but there's something about it. I refer to it as "the best $4 coffee you'll ever buy and not feel bad about (over)paying for."

Also not cheap (hmm, a trend...) but included in the price of the buffet -- I think PH's Spice Market Buffet has one of the better cups of coffee on the Strip.

I've yet to try out Sambalatte but am planning to do so later this week. I'm interested to see if the steampunk is worth the hype...and the $6.50.

Paris European Breakfast

Really the only reason we will stay at Paris Las Vegas..and then only if they give us a comp room. Selection of imported cheeses and cured meats, freshly baked assorted
French breads, basket of Danish pastries and muffins, fresh-sliced fruits
and berries, butter and assorted jams for just 16 bucks.  Throw in a pot of coffee and it's a good deal for 3-4 people (or two with lots left over).

Party Pooper?

Spending $6.50 on a latte...not I!  Did that for years in Vegas and then got smart. Since the rooms in our favorite hotel don't provide in-room coffee, I now take an immersible (plug in) water heater with us (accompanied by Starbucks VIA instant, flavored creamer, and cups in which to heat the water).  Saves the two of us about $18-$24 each trip, and the equipment fits in my makeup case! We're not fussy, but we are frugal.  Would rather put that money toward a show, a dinner or maybe even a slot machine.  It's a matter of priorities, I guess.

Upscale / Downscale

Luxurious high-end European coffee is available from Illy and Lavazza shops at Palazzo. It's pricey though. They also have Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (a Starbucks-type outfit) at the Grand Canal Shoppes.

At the other end of the spectrum, a quick jaunt up the escalator to McDonald's between Harrah's and Casino Royale provides a quick, affordable and dependable cup of coffee without the pretension.

Break the bank?

If $4-5 is going to break your bank, maybe you have chosen the wrong destination for your vacation.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

One in Miracle Mile. Coffee is much better and not quite as pricey as Starbucks.

In addition, all CB%TL stores are Kosher/Dairy

Very dissapointed in the Vegas coffee shops.

With all the choices on the strip I really expect to have some alcohol options. I don't understand why even Starbucks locations on the strip wouldn't offer alcoholic options. Oh well.


Sambalatte is planning to have some alcoholic options later this year.


The Starbucks outlets at hotels, venues, etc. are licensed stores vs. the off-strip locations which are corporate.  Thus, aside from the more expensive prices, one cannot use their Starbucks app or card, or redeem rewards.mm

Total gip.