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The Best Thing We've Ordered From Room Service For Breakfast

June 23, 2014 at 2:55 PM | by | ()

Las Vegas does a lot of things right when it comes to food. There are great choices for fine dining, poolside dining, casual dining, and very casual dining. But, when it comes to room service, the food is often bland, uninspiring and, in some cases, cold.

There are only a few places that do it well and one of them is, no surprise here, Bellagio. (The other is Nobu Hotel.)

Here's what we've ordered for breakfast from Bellagio room service the past two times we stayed there -- Eggs Benedict, served with canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce and topped with chives. And, now the money shot:

The meal doesn't come cheap. It's $19. An expensive breakfast especially when you add in coffee or another drink plus the $4 service charge and tax. When it's all said and done, you're looking at a $40 meal. But, breakfast in bed at Bellagio and it didn't come from Starbucks? It's (almost) priceless.

Where's your favorite place for room service in Las Vegas? Dish your spot in the comments below!

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Room Service

My room service experiences have been the exact opposite. Almost all of them have been very good.  The one average exception was a pizza from MGM about 5 years ago that my friend ordered at 5:00 AM. The time of day probably being the factor.  

From Twitter

@vegaschatter Bellagio. Best room service. EVER. Oh my gosh. Orgasmic.

— Mark (@Hawaiianmark) June 23, 2014

You Might Be Surprised...

To find that NYNY has some pretty accomodating room service. After a long day...and night of playing, we just wanted a meal sent to our room. We wanted a good steak and pot stickers along with sides and salads, which probably came from a different kitchen. We even emphasized where we wanted to get the pot stickers from. Low and behold, everything showed up in a timely fashion and was as good as could be expected.

Environment Can Be the Game Changer

Just like pizza at 5am can be the best you ever tasted, where you have your room service can skew your view. I agree, Bellagio's room service is great. One main reason, you are being served breakfast/coffee in bed at Bellagio. Major score in anyone's book. But, I have had a great room service breakfast and dinner at Cosmo sitting on the terrace overlooking the fountains. Best food ever, no, but it sure did tastes better than ever as I drank coffee or dined on my private balcony with a great view.
I have found the more exclusivity of my meal or drink, the better it tasted.

Begins and ends with Cosmo breakfast!

First of all the breakfast room service is amazing. I had eggs benedict and the cheesy hashbrowns, similar in look to the Bellagio pic above, are amazing. Wife had poached eggs and bacon. The eggs were poached perfectly soft which is amazing considering the travel time from kitchen to room. Coffee was excellent (according to the wife).

While they won't do it for you, I set us up on the balcony which was overlooking the Bellagio.

Great food, dining al fresco, great views...can't be beat!


aria room service was pretty damn good when i had it

If Viagra is your thing

you might want to take one before your Bellagio room service arrives.

Just sayin'


Seriously, WTF?

Great but Wait

Pancakes, egg, bacon, toast and tea, monogrammed butter....aaah yes, the high life! Despite having ordered it the night before, it arrived over an hour late, no apology or discount. While the service was disappointing, the food was delish.

Not too shabby

Ordered Bellagio room service the one time we got to stay there after a long day of doing and going; we were just too tired to go anywhere else. Ordered comfort food of chicken soup and bread; that was some of the BEST chicken soup I have ever had! Had room service at Wynn a couple of times and always flavorful & tasty except for the aftertaste of paying the service bill. Pricey! And when I've stayed at South Point always made a habit of ordering Chinese food room service on our last night of the stay. Lots of portions, fresh and tasty.

Wynn wins.

Nothing beats the Southern Breakfast from Wynncore's room service menu. Eggs, biscuits & gravy, grits, meats, juice and coffee. Just what the doctor ordered after a late night of whatever. Gravy like Grandma used to make.